Bill Belichick unsurprised by Brian Waters’ absence

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When guard Brian Waters didn’t report to Patriots camp on Wednesday, he said that reporters would need to talk to the Patriots if they wanted details about the situation.

Waters would seem to have a very good sense of humor since the man who reporters asked about Waters’ status was Bill Belichick. The Patriots coach isn’t known for sharing information with a smile and he didn’t have much to offer about Waters’ absence or when he might show up to start work on the 2012 season.

“He’s not here,” Belichick said, via “It’s basically the same as it was in minicamp. We’ll just take it day-to-day. There’s no long-term plan.”

Waters was excused from minicamp for “personal reasons” which fits right into the vast sea of vagueness that is this entire situation. We’re not sure why this is basically the same as in June (and we’re not expecting any clarification) but that does suggest Waters hasn’t told the team he plans to retire, as has been rumored. Just to be on the safe side, Belichick was asked if Waters is considering retirement.

“I couldn’t comment on anybody else’s career, playing or not playing or anything like that,” Belichick added. “That’s for them to talk about, not me.”

Waters has been to more than a few of these rodeos and he made the Pro Bowl as New England’s right guard last season, so missing a chunk of camp shouldn’t be much of a concern in terms of his readiness for the season. The Patriots seem to agree which means that only real update will come when Waters shows up or calls it a career.

7 responses to “Bill Belichick unsurprised by Brian Waters’ absence

  1. Water’s doesn’t want to go through training camp. So he will show up a week before the season and play at a pro bowl level.

  2. Sorry, players that don’t show up to training camp certainly won’t be playing at pro bowl level.

  3. “He’s not here.” Belichick’s dry wit can be hilarious at times.

    Frankly, I could give a hoot about the reason for RG Brian Waters’ “excused” absence from the start of minicamp. So long as he can produce in 2012 another Pro Bowl year like 2011, he can take as much time away as he needs before starting in the first regular-season game.

  4. This guy signed after 4 pre-season games and started week 1.

    All Pro Hall of Famer. They’d be lucky to have him back. May need to sweeten hid deal

  5. grogansheroes says: Water’s doesn’t want to go through training camp. So he will show up a week before the season and play at a pro bowl level.



    Belichick used to let Roman Phifer skip early camp as well.

    He’s a smart enough coach to know who needs to be there and who needs the rest – and as with Phifer, Belichick knows how to help players prolong an effective career.

    You can’t just announce all that – but pretty much everyone knows

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