Brett Keisel arrives at training camp in style

Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel’s known for his huge beard, but he made an entrance to training camp that topped his own ability to be recognized.

Instead of a sports car or a luxury sedan like so many players drive, Keisel rolled up to his dorm at Saint Vincent College in a bright orange Kubota tractor.

“This has to be a first,” Keisel said. “It’s my way of saying ‘Hard work pays off.’”

Keisel got the tractor — to be specific, a M4070 front-loader — from a power equipment dealer in exchange for some promotional work he does for them.

“I’m a tractor guy,” he said. “I grew up in Wyoming driving one of these bad boys. This reminds me of my childhood days, swathing hay, plowing fields and planting fields.”

Give Keisel credit for making the commitment to his statement. He drove the tractor the final 20 miles to camp, with his luggage in the front bucket.

Now the heavy lifting begins.

17 responses to “Brett Keisel arrives at training camp in style

  1. Nice of Mr. Keisel to arrive to Steelers training camp, driving an orange & black tractor that seems to honor his rival Bengals. Why to use symbolism in your favor, smart guy.

  2. I love it!!! You can’t put a price on what these guys do for a locker room, …. for a team!

    It should also stand as a message to Wallace to get into camp. He’s got the talent but he still has to put in the work. Just go back to the Green Bay superbowl ….. Wallace you have more work to put in, Sir!

    Go Steelers!!!!

  3. I think I speak for everyone who was on the road behind him for those 20 miles when I say “I hope you blow out your ACL climbing out of that tractor you jackass”

  4. Good stuff, love the character.

    This reminds me of when Ted Hendricks showed up at the Raiders practice field on a horse. 🙂

  5. Love that guy. They say holding training camp in Latrobe is a great team building experience and things like this, Ryan Clarks crazy backpacks, James Harrisons Smart Car, etc. are the reason why. I, for one, would be extremely upset if they followed suit and moved training camp back to their practice facility like so many other teams.

  6. Good tractor-great stunt.
    However, M4070 is the model, and “front-loader” or bucket is the implement, not the tractor designation. You farmers should know this.

  7. I am far from a Steelers fan but this dude is for real. Love it. Kubotas rule also, we’re a Kubota family.

  8. It’d been more awesome if he drove up to America’s greatest game in a John Deere…You know, an American friggin’ tractor.

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