Devin Hester: Cousin’s murder charge takes a toll on our family

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Antoinne Hester, the cousin of Bears receiver Devin Hester, is a fugitive wanted for murder. Devin Hester says his cousin’s actions have been difficult for his family.

It affects family members,” Devin Hester told the Chicago Tribune. “I always have my cousins come to help me, to work in the camp. It helps me and at the same time kind of puts a little money in their pockets. So, three days later, after he left, that incident happened. It is very shocking to me. It does take a toll on the family, but at the same time some of my family down there, I hate to say this, but that is just the life they live. And, you know, you try to be a role model with the situation I am in, playing football. But sometimes people are stuck in an environment where they can’t get out. It’s just the worst situation that he is in and a bad decision that he made.”

Antoinne Hester is accused of shooting and killing a man on July 4. Devin Hester has cooperated with the police and says that as far as he knows, no one in the family has seen his cousin since. But the family has been feeling the strain of dealing with the situation.

“I love my family,” Hester said. “I hate to see something like this.”

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  1. Terrible situation for Devin. Seems to be a good all around person. Has to be very tough to go thru this and answer these questions when your getting ready for the season. Although football is secondary to famliy

  2. It sucks but he’s right…..sometimes its just the environment you live in. Not trying to condone a killing at all….by any means, but people just cant get out when they REALLY should or need to! I know from experience…..west side of Chicago wasn’t a joke back in my day!!!

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