Rams rookie Trumaine Johnson needs a new alarm clock

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Rookie cornerback Trumaine Johnson has signed his contract with the Rams, which means he’s got enough cash to pick up a reliable alarm clock.

That should probably be his next purchase because it will keep him from sleeping through any more Rams practices. Johnson was due at the Rams’ first rookie practice of training camp on Wednesday, but he overslept at his home in Stockton, California and wound up missing both his flight to St. Louis and that initial practice.

“I set my alarm clock,” Johnson said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I didn’t hear it. I missed my flight. I messed up.”

It seems the lesson of Jean-Paul Jean-Paul has fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps it should be added to next year’s Rookie Symposium. If not that, perhaps a mention of it being a good idea to get to town a day or so ahead of practice so that even the most nefarious alarm clock can’t stop you from getting to work on the appropriate day.

Johnson, a third-round pick in April, won’t be fined by the Rams for his extra time in the sack and started making up for lost time on Thursday.

3 responses to “Rams rookie Trumaine Johnson needs a new alarm clock

  1. How the hell do you sleep through something as important as that?

    I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all.

    This doesn’t look good, Rams fans.


  2. He can use the alarm on his phone to wake him & if he thinks that it will not wake him up the first time, set the alarm for about 3 times in a row at 2 minutes apart if that does not wake him then i dont know what to tell you!!!

  3. No one’s accidentally turned off their alarm while they were sleeping before? I missed my flight for Favre’s last Packers playoff win v. Seattle. I certainly didn’t want to miss that flight and I’m sure neither did this young man.

    Seems like quite a bit of judgement here for an event that’s a common/honest mistake.

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