Eagles WR Riley Cooper suffers broken collarbone


The Philadelphia Eagles’ receiving corps has been dealt a blow early in training camp.

Riley Cooper, the Eagles’ No. 4 receiver, suffered a broken collarbone when he went down hard in practice today. Cooper is currently at a nearby hospital being X-rayed. Collarbone injuries typically sideline players for several weeks at least.

According to Tim McManus of Birds 24/7, Cooper and cornerback Curtis Marsh both went up for a pass, and Cooper fell to the ground and immediately started pounding the grass in pain.

Last year Cooper caught 16 passes for 315 yards. This year he’s behind DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant on the depth chart.

The Eagles also saw defensive end Jason Babin leave practice with a right calf strain. He will have an MRI, but the Eagles said it is definitely not an Achilles injury, and the early indications are that it’s not serious.

17 responses to “Eagles WR Riley Cooper suffers broken collarbone

  1. Not that you ever want a guy to get hurt, but the Eagles had a few young guys that I would rather see take that position anyway.
    Cooper gives you little on special teams, and although he has the size, has not shown the ability to be a viable red zone threat. Hopefully McNut can use the extra reps in an effort to unseat Cooper for the 4th spot

  2. Time to sign Plaxico Burress…this team has no red zone threat outside of Celek…If the Eagles can get out if Burress what he did for the Jets last season that would be huge…Plus with Vick being a short QB he needs a tall Target….

  3. japanklub says:
    Jul 28, 2012 6:51 PM
    Sign Plax now…
    I would rather have you and you have already proven when it comes to football you dont know whether to scratch your watch or wind your ass.

  4. wish him well, but it’s not like this is going to hurt philly. guy can’t jump at all. laziest receiver in the nfl.

  5. It’s not a big loss. He’s never been a big threat despite his size and reputation for good hands (not sure where that comes from). They have 13 receivers on their roster, so I’m not worried. They’ve got Jackson and Maclin, who huge threats. They also have one of the most underrated WR’s–Jason Avant. Add McNutt and Chad Hall, and they have no problems.

  6. djm426 says:Jul 28, 2012 8:54 PM

    Still don’t have a legit quarterback so who cares


    Been hanging out with La Ron Landry?

    He learned not to question the Eagles offense when Vick put up that 6 touchdown performance on national t.v., or if you need more convincing go ask Justin Tuch about that Miracle In The Meadowlands II.

    So please tell us what is a legit qb is.

  7. It stuns me that there are still Eagles fans who would welcome T.O. back. It’s like they don’t remember 2005 at all.

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