Jahvid Best: Concussions ending my career not a concern

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Lions running back Jahvid Best, whose 2011 season was cut short by concussions, still hasn’t been cleared to practice. And Best’s history of concussions, going back to college, has led to some talk that he should never be cleared to play again.

But Best says that’s not the case — he’s not the least bit worried about concussions ending his career, and he hasn’t even thought about it.

That has not crossed my mind yet. Right now I’m waiting to be cleared,” Best told the Oakland Press.

Best’s use of the word “yet” suggests that there might come a point when shutting it down for good crosses his mind, but Best says he’s optimistic and excited about the upcoming season.

“I’m not disappointed. Like I said the only thing I’m worried about is doing everything I can to get cleared,” Best said. “Once I get cleared I’ll be back there.”

Best suggested that the NFL’s increased emphasis on careful treatment of concussions has led to the Lions being particularly cautious with him.

“If this was four or five years ago I probably would have played last season,” Best said. “Now that everything is under a microscope it takes a lot longer.”

But despite those concussion concerns, Best doesn’t think it will be much longer before he’s back on the field.

13 responses to “Jahvid Best: Concussions ending my career not a concern

  1. Well reported item, MDS. You are dead on to catch his “yet”. He should be optimistic, but he also appears to know inside that nothing is guaranteed and that his odds may well be very long.

  2. He has this mentality now that he is in the prime of his career. Someone from the NFL need to copy this and put it in a file to bring it back out in 10-15 years when he sues the NFL. That is if there is still an NFL after all of the existing lawsuits come to a conclusion.

  3. Not concerned about possible severe brain damage down the road? Maybe it’s already too late, or maybe they’re just putting something in the water in Detroit

  4. Jahvid Best is saying EXACTLY what every one of these former NFL players is/was saying when/while they were still playing. They knew some (probably not all) of the risks of playing football. Despite the risks…. not one of them was willing to walk away from the game. Because walking away from the game = no more paycheck.

  5. Not a Lions fan, but God Bless this kid. Hope he has a long successful career, just not against my Bears.

  6. Why is it you people are so confident he will try to sue the NFL? Who are you guys, Miss Cleo?

    There’s a lot more former players who haven’t sued the NFL than have. Just saying.

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