Bruce Arians: “Scary how good” Luck can be


The Colts hit the practice field for the first time on Sunday morning, which means quarterback Andrew Luck will be taking part in his first full-squad training camp practice on Sunday.

Expectations are high for the first pick of the 2012 Draft, although the hopes of immediate returns are tempered by the fact that the Colts are about as close to an entirely new team as any non-expansion team could ever be. Sixty of the players reporting for work are in their first camp with the Colts and 37 players have never played in an NFL game before.

It will be offensive coordinator Bruce Arians’ job to bring Luck and the rest of the young players on offense up to speed as quickly as possible. Arians has tutored other young quarterbacks selected early in the draft, including Peyton Manning, Tim Couch and Ben Roethlisberger. Arians said Saturday that he thinks Luck has the best qualities of each of those quarterbacks.

“(Luck) has a little bit of Peyton, a little bit of Timmy Couch and a little bit of Ben,” Arians said. “It’s scary how good he can be. I’m really anxious to see him develop and watch him grow because he’s got the best of all three of those guys.”

It’s safe to say that mentioning Tim Couch in the same breath as Luck is something that Colts fans will find more scary than good.

4 responses to “Bruce Arians: “Scary how good” Luck can be

  1. He has a little bit of Tim Couch and it’s scary how good he can be? I’d be scared of very different things if I were him. Luck has been built up far too much, it will be nearly impossible for him to meet the expectations that have developed in the football world.

  2. @ Ryan

    All the hype about him may make him overrated, BUT at the same time, he’s supposedly at a whole different level than Matt Ryan or Matthew Stafford ever were. I think this is the first QB that Mike Mayock has ever said is “flawless” coming out of college. Not saying you’re wrong, but at the same time, he’ll probably surprise you.

  3. Surprises are what make the NFL so much fun. I hope you are right, but words like “supposedly” and “probably” mean little this early in the season.

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