Jyles Tucker leaves camp, is released by Panthers

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When Ron Rivera came to Carolina, he brought a lot of his old San Diego friends with him.

One of them’s gone today, however, as pass-rusher Jyles Tucker has left camp and has been released.

“It was something he had to. So we’ll leave it at that and go from there,” Rivera told reporters, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “It was strictly a personal instance. There’s nothing bad, nothing like that.”

The 28-year-old Tucker was working on a comeback, and the Panthers thought he might be a useful piece. As they tinker with mixing in 3-4 elements to try to gin up a little pass-rush, they’ve brought in players such as Tucker and Antwan Applewhite to fill in.

Tucker had 5.5 sacks in San Diego in 2008, Rivera’s first year there. But injuries slowed his progress then, and he was far from a lock to make the Panthers’ 53-man roster.

UPDATE: 1:20 p.m. ET: Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney told the Associated Press Tucker wanted to leave camp to get his weight up. He came to camp under 230 pounds, is listed at 255, and wanted to step away to focus on gaining more weight. Hurney did not rule out bringing Tucker back when he’s bigger.

8 responses to “Jyles Tucker leaves camp, is released by Panthers

  1. Apparently he weighed in under 230 lbs. That’s pretty small for how they were wanting to use him.

  2. Well that is a bit screwy.. I would think a structured training camp with dieticians, and weight training staff would be the best place to get your weight up..

    Unless of course this is the new running deal with the NFL, steroids when you aren’t in camp, and then get clean for the drug tests that come with camp?

  3. Sounds like BS to me. If it is a “correctable” weight issue and the team wanted to keep him, they would have. He likely does not want to play for the Panthers anymore or they don’t want him anymore. There is plenty of roster space right now so i bet there is likely more to this story.

  4. Participating in training camp will do nothing but help him lose weight, and they sure arent going to pay him to sit out and gain weight. Hence, the release…

  5. This is the guy who was supposed to replace Shawne Merriman in San Diego!!! Now he gets extra privileges when he’s done nothing??

  6. I wonder if they can do a “weight transplant” and transfer some of Otah’s weight to Tucker’s body? Two problems solved!

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