Absence of Mike Wallace stretches Steelers thin at WR


The Steelers were counting on their receiver depth easing the transition to a new offense this offseason.

The only problem is, one absence has revealed they may not have as much as they thought.

With Mike Wallace continuing his holdout, the Steelers realize they’re one injury away from someone from a bunch of unknowns seeing the field.

If Wallace is alongside Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery, they’re not worried. But Wallace isn’t there (and there’s no indication he’s on his way anytime soon), leaving the Steelers wondering who else they have.

“I haven’t seen any distinct separation at this point, but it’s still early” coordinator Todd Haley told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, when asked about the remaining candidates.

Beyond the first three, the only player with NFL experience is Derrick Williams, who caught nine passes for the Lions in 2009 and 2010 but was out of the league last year. Otherwise, all they have are first-year players and rookies, with seventh-rounder Toney Clemons the only pick of the bunch.

If Wallace stays away until the final six weeks of the season (all he needs to become an unrestricted free agent next year), the Steelers might have a problem, and the answers might not be on hand.

“It’s very critical, because you get thin real quick if we don’t have a couple of those guys,” Haley said of the young group. “But, like I said, there is ability, and there are some flashes of things you like to see. I don’t think the cupboard’s bare, it’s young.”

Bouchette also mentioned the possibility of Plaxico Burress (though that’s more like rolling a grenade into a foxhole of fans). The fact no one’s signed him yet should be revealing, as his side has made it known league-wide he’s not looking for a payday, just a chance.

The Steelers might be desperate, but they’re not that desperate yet.

8 responses to “Absence of Mike Wallace stretches Steelers thin at WR

  1. If you are comfortable with Cotchery already settled in with a roster spot, your passing game is an after thought. However, Antonio Brown was a sixth round pick, so it’s not unlikely for a Steeler receiver to come out of nowhere.

  2. They should just release Wallace and find someone else who wants to play the game. No matter what happens, he has the shorter end of the stick, not only did steelers use the tender on him, they could still franchise tag him next year, guess Wallace didn’t think this through straight

  3. Mike Wallace = Very talented Low Rent Punk with low character

    Santonio Brown = Very talented solid person with high character

    Get your punk arss back in camp you jerk off, show some character, and then maybe the Steelers will pay you far more than you’re worth.

  4. stretched thin?
    teams like the Jags, Rams and others would LOVE to be stretched as thin as the Steelers w/o Wallace…

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