Kenny Britt heads to league office on Monday


As if Titans receiver Kenny Britt didn’t have enough problems, he’ll be heading to 345 Park Avenue on Monday for a meeting that could lead to a suspension.

What I expect tomorrow is a lot of questions,” Britt said Sunday, via the Associated Press.

There will be a lot of questions because Britt has had eight incidents during his NFL career.  Former Titans cornerback Pacman Jones was suspended a full year in 2007 after his 10th incident.

The only thing that may save Britt from a suspension is the fact that his most recent arrest, for drunk driving, falls under the substance-abuse policy.  And since it’s Britt’s first DUI arrest, he may escape with a two-game fine.

Then there’s the fact that the charges against Britt aren’t resolved, and may not be before the end of the season.

Thus, other than the lingering knee issue tracing to last season’s torn ACL, Britt may have no impediments to his ability to play.

Still, even without a suspension, Britt will indeed face a lot of questions.

Or maybe there will be only one:  “Kenny, what the hell is wrong with you?”

13 responses to “Kenny Britt heads to league office on Monday

  1. Goodell is planning on locking him in the basement at NFL headquarters for a minimum 3 years.

  2. Munchak should have to go also and answer why he puts up with a player like this! Guess winning really is everything to some people. Always admired Munch, thought he had more principles.

  3. Eight run in’s with the law??? Britt is either a fool or a punk who doesn’t appreciate that playing in the NFL is a privilege…not a right. Suspend him a year…he’ll either “get it” and start acting like a grown up, or he’ll be out of the league.

  4. how do you not use the system the nfl has alotted you. for 75 dollars any nfl player can call from anywhere at anytime and order up a ride home for him and his vehicle. so you drive? how dumb are you?

  5. Time to clean house in the NFL – 8 run ins with the law? That takes effort or plain stupid on Britt’s part. I tend to think he is pretty stupid. Send a message to league and kick his butt to the curb. See how long it takes to make his millions at McDonalds working at minimum wage.

  6. 4 games is fair. No more, no less. Dude is obviously a moron, but I don’t think he’s in Pacman Jones’ territory yet. I hated Pacman & was extremely glad when he left, even though he was a good player for the Titans (he sucked after he left). But I think Britt is just a dumb kid who doesn’t quite “get it” yet. A 4 game suspension should get it through his thick skull.

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