Cowboys release Brodney Pool


Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas reports that the Cowboys have released safety Brodney Pool.

A six-game starter for the Jets in 2011, Pool struggled throughout OTA and minicamp season, and was outplayed by Barry Church on the practice field early in training camp. Church will be the Cowboys’ starting strong safety this year.

In releasing Pool, Dallas has opted to swallow $100,000 in guaranteed money on the one-year, $1.2 million deal he signed in mid-March.

Per Archer, the Cowboys have also waived undrafted rookie cornerback Isaac Madison.

9 responses to “Cowboys release Brodney Pool

  1. They should waive that WR who walked out on them. But this is after all the Cowboys and I shouldn’t be surprised that they endorse and welcome quitters.

  2. I remember on Madden back in the day, everytime I caught an interception as the Saints, Al Michaels would say “Brodney Pool” with the interception. Weird.

  3. When you’re getting outplayed by Church, that’s a telling statement. Not that Church is terrible, but you have more experience and it shouldn’t have been close. Well, see ya.

  4. Ok with me. I wasn’t on board with signing Brodney Pool in the first place, but I’m excited to see Barry Church winning the strong safety position

  5. Well he has to play to be “outplayed”. I am going with increase in coaches confidence in Church + the fact that dude couldn’t pads the conditioning test is why.

    He was bound to be cut just happened sooner than we expected.

  6. This team doesn’t reward pedigree, they reward production.

    BIG difference from the days of Wade Phillips.

    Jason Garrett is going places, just wait.

  7. There’s an old saying that goes…If you can’t cut the mustard. Pool wasn’t cutting it and I’m happy they assigned it to Church. Now let’s decided who else should stay and who should go. Cowboys have to make great decisions this season. Go Cowboys!!!

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