Osweiler doesn’t care about depth chart, for now


A year after the quarterback depth chart in Denver became the focal point of much of the preseason discussion, it’s attracting far less attention in 2012.

But with rookie Brock Osweiler installed at No. 3 behind Peyton Manning and Caleb Hanie, it’s at least generating some discussion.

“I think it’s pretty obvious who our starting quarterback is,” Osweiler said, via the Denver Post.  ‘When that’s the situation, I don’t think you can really get caught up too much in, ‘Am I second?  Am I third?  Am I fourth?”

But Osweiler still realizes that, as the regular season approaches, placement on the depth chart will be much more relevant.

“I’m going to come out here every single day and give it my all and try to get better so when September 1 rolls around and we put in place our final depth chart, I’m as high on that depth chart as I need to be and where the football team needs me,” Osweiler said.

Of course, if Osweiler hopes to be the primary backup to Manning, it could make more sense to be No. 3.  After all, last year it was the third man on the list who became the next man up when the time came to apply a large hook to Kyle Orton’s neck beard.

11 responses to “Osweiler doesn’t care about depth chart, for now

  1. Hanie might look good in practice and preseason but in a real game when the bullets are flying he’ll find a way to loose. What was he 0-6 on a team (Bears) that was could have slept walked into the playoffs last year?

  2. I didn’t understand the Osweiler pick in the first place. When you spend that much money on a free agent QB you are making the statement “We want to win NOW”. How does drafting a QB for the future in the 2nd round fit into that goal?

  3. If Manning gets hurt late in the year it probably will be Brock that replaces him. Caleb Hanie really isn’t very good.

  4. Caleb was a rookie last year. Ryan Clady is an amazing tackle and I really doubt there’s gonna be a lot of sacks for the Broncos no matter who starts.

    Especially considering the lack of pass rushers in the AFC West.

  5. Hah, nice picture. I wonder how Osweiler is recovering from Kristen Stewart cheating on him.

  6. Was I the only person that watched Brock at asu and is surprised he’s playing in the nfl. Damn if god had only made me 6’7 240 with average ability I could have been drafted too!

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