Trent Richardson to visit Dr. James Andrews


So much for Trent Richardson’s knee being nothing to worry about.

Whatever the Browns’ medical staff saw on Richardson’s MRI, they’re worried enough that they’re sending him to see the renowned sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who performed arthroscopic surgery on the same knee in February.

“Trent Richardson is traveling to Pensacola, Fla., where he will have his left knee further evaluated by Dr. James Andrews tomorrow,” Browns coach Pat Shurmur said.

Richardson hasn’t been practicing this week because of soreness in the knee and isn’t expected to play in the Browns’ preseason opener against the Lions on Friday. The Browns traded up to draft Richardson, viewing him as a big-time offensive playmaker for years to come. A visit to Dr. Andrews before ever playing in a game was not what Cleveland was hoping for.

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  1. Tough Break for the Browns and Browns fans. Richardson would have been an exciting player to watch through a 4-12 year. It’s more likely 2-14, and a chance at a Barkley. I would take him even with Weeden there.

  2. Browns have a major investment in Richardson, Better to err on side of caution early in training camp. Since he’s recovering from a surgery earlier this year, they probably just wanna make sure that wasn’t the problem.

  3. Unfortunately, you really have to worry about the college workhorse RBs. They’re already coming into the NFL with a lot of mileage on those legs. Both Richardson and Ingram had well over 500 carries at Alabama. I don’t see how anyone can be surprised that both are struggling with injuries early in their NFL career.

  4. And neither Richardson nor Ingram were/are the scatback type. Both took a pounding at Alabama grinding the ball between the tackles. Those were hard earned yards those guys gained.

  5. Trent paid off the medical staff so he won’t have to play for the Browns and hope their trade him

  6. Terrence Trent D’Richardson is off to a shaky start. I like this kid, he should do great things. I thought Cleveland might be decent this year. We’ll see.

  7. Tough break for the kid, I hope he gets a clean bill of health. On a different note, the high risk of injury is just one of many reasons why smart GM’s don’t trade up to take a running back third overall. Without Richardson, the Cleveland offense might not gain a first down until October.

  8. As a Redskin fan I am tired of our rut, but if this Trent Richardson sequence goes badly I will feel just awful for Browns fans. They deserve much better.

  9. You don’t send a player to Doctor Andrews to see if he can find the problem. You send him to Dr. Andrews so he can determine how to fix the problem that you’re already pretty sure you found.

    Doctors in Cleveland can read MRIs, too. Bad news for Brownie fans.

  10. – Haden getting suspended four games
    – Richardson to visit Dr. Andrews
    – 28 year old rookie QB
    – Gordon didn’t play last year, and brought in late but is already the #1 WR.
    – New owner is a Steelers fan

    Good Luck Browns…

  11. This is why smart teams dont waste top 5 picks on RB’s… Also why so many veteran RB’s dont get the contracts they want (and most time deserve)… That’s just the NFL RB market for you. Clevelands front office will learn eventaully that the NFL of today isnt what it was years ago when you just took great talent and could build teams around that…. If you’re consistently drafting in the top 10 you need to build with young players who can play their positions for a long time (O-Line, QB, LB’s and Secondary players) not a RB with a shelf life of 3-5 years when he’ll be useless when your team starts to get good… But that may be never in Cleveland


    The Browns could have stayed put and spent their pick on David DeCastro and then used a later pick on a guy like Robert Turbin.

    Special running backs like Adrian Peterson are extremely rare but a strong offensive line will ALWAYS help even a mediocre back get nice production.

  13. I’m a Bengals fan, so I don’t want to see the Browns win, but I would also hate to see this young guy become another Kijana Carter (ie, career is over before it begins). He seems like a solid guy.

  14. Talk about the spotlight shining on Holmgren’s failure to get the 2nd pick from the Rams after this news.

  15. I like Holmgren but he really screwed things up not trading for RG3. He had the amo (2 #1’s) to do it and let him slip away to the Skins. It’s really hard to get a franchise QB while RB are a dime a dozen.

  16. take it from the packers, giants, and patriots: you don’t need a big name running back to be superbowl contenders. you just need guys who can keep the clock running.

    any team that signs running backs to big deals is flat out stupid and in denial.

  17. Browns fans are only upset because Trent wasn’t injure d in a Browns game and they couldn’t cheer it.

  18. “I love watching that slum city suffer, at least you still have Drew Carry to be proud of.”

    No they don’t. Drew Carry isn’t funny so he sucks too.

  19. Funny thing is, Trent is from Pensacola, Fl. He gets a trip home and surgery. Tell Trent while he’s there, stay away from brownsville(Very seedy part of town). Might give him some bad karma!

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