Peyton Manning expected to play one or two series


The long wait for Peyton Manning to return to game action ends on Thursday night when the Broncos play the Bears.

It looks like we’ll get to see him play one or two series in his return. Albert Breer of the NFL Network spoke to Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway about the plan for Manning’s use. Elway indicated that the flow of the game will determine just how much Manning winds up playing, but that the idea is for him not to play very much at all.

“If things go well right off the bat, have a nice scoring drive, then get him out. You wanna get something going to where they have a good drive,” Elway said. “You don’t want to have three three-and-outs. You wanna get some confidence, get some first downs, and maybe put some points on the board. If we do that, get him out, and go to the next week.”

The question now becomes whether Manning will take his first hit in anger during his limited appearance. The biggest remaining mystery of Manning’s return from neck surgery is how we’ll he’ll handle getting popped. If the Bears can get the pass rush going early, we’ve got a chance to find out on Thursday night.

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  1. Those Bears defenders have GOT to be chomping at the bit ! As a Steeler fan, I think our defense has his #. (playoffs, went to the Super Bowl, Bettis year)

  2. Won’t lie, want to see him take a good lick to see if his neck issue is really behind him or if the Broncos signed the worst contract ever brother.

  3. @hulkhogansays:

    1 year guaranteed at $18 M doesn’t strike me as the worst contract ever. Look no further than the Broncos’ same division to see one Matt Cassel, who signed a 6 year, $63 M contract with $28 M guaranteed.

    If Manning gets hurt, at least the Broncos can dump him and only be out $18 M with no dead money from the contract on the books next year.

  4. Two games I always love is Urlacher vs. Vick and Urlacher vs. Manning. However, I don’t think Urlacher will be on the field tonight. Pepp will do a good job in his place. Either way I want to see the new offense.

  5. Next time Manning hits the turf hard is the last time.

    He is done, he knows it deep down inside and the next time someone bounces his brain off the field….. he will be holding a press conference.

  6. Denver isnt winning the division again this year… 38 year old qb who hasnt played in a year and a half… coming off 3 neck surgeries?

    Last year was a fluke

    1 palmer – first game in a year and lost
    2. a dalton – 2nd game of career – won by 2
    3. hasselbeck – 3 game on new team
    4. rodgers – and got 49 points dropped on them.
    5. rivers – and lost.
    6. m moore – and won on a fg in OT
    7. stafford – and got 45 dropped on them.
    8. palmer again
    9. Cassel – got injured and palko came in – won by 7.
    10 sanchez – won by 17-13
    11 rivers – won by 3
    12 ponder – who did throw up 381 and 3 tds – won by 3
    13 caleb hanie – won by 3
    14 brady – lost 45-23
    15 fittzpatrick – lost 40-14
    16 orton – won 7-3

    thats 8 games decided by 7 points and close wins against rookies, back ups and qbs on new teams.

    Every time they face someone decent they got blown out.

    Dont believe the hype

    KC lost 3 of their top players before the 2nd period of the 2nd game, had tyler palko starting 4 games, made a head coach change in mid season; then went on to beat the 13-0 packers… still only one game away from winning the division.

    KC 2012 baby!

  7. As a BSU fan, I would love to see Shea McClellin reintroduce Peyton to the turf for his first good lick. (as long as it is clean and Peyton is ok)

    As a Peyton Manning and NFL fan, I just can’t wait to see Peyton play football again. He was sorely missed last year.

  8. Hate to break it to you guys, but Manning isn’t going to get hit tonight. I am a life long bears fan and one thing is for sure, the bears first string D hardly plays in the preseason. By hardly play, I mean little effort or real D outside man, cover 2, cover 3. I would be really suyprised to see any pressure or violent hits out of the bears.

  9. jetblackninja says:
    Aug 9, 2012 10:53 AM
    He is done, he knows it deep down inside and the next time someone bounces his brain off the field

    Honestly, I think there is something to this. I’ve watched a lot of his interviews, and his body language doesn’t look right to me.

    He looks like a guy who knows he’s not what he was and is just hanging on hoping one day it’s all going to click again.

    I really don’t see this season going well for Denver. 7-9 or 6-10 looks about right.

  10. “tlmoon2112 says: Id really like to see this game so I can relive that “where were you when Theismann got hit” moment again.

    You really can’t mean this. If you do, you are watching this sport for the wrong reasons.

  11. Not understanding the Peyton bashers at all. And I believe this team is like the Superbowl teams of the past 5 years where balance will win you a superbowl but you may have to claw to get through the regular season. Giants, Packers, Steelers, Saints and Giants again all had balanced teams going into the playoffs. All the losers were your typical pass happy, no defense at all teams except the Steelers 2 years ago, who lost despite having a pretty well balanced team, more balanced then the Packers. But the Packers were able to have success in all three phases of the game.

    I see Denver doing the same thing by creating balance. Good quarterback, Good running back, Good defense, Good corners, Good Kicker, Good receivers, every area is solid that I see. It may be a struggle at first with the schedule and for the team to find an identity but I think if this team starts 4-4 through its first 8, they will make the playoffs by figuring out who they are the second half of the season. Once they make the playoffs, if its the same team and their not decimated by injuries they, like the Giants are built to beat any team.

  12. Can’t wait to see Peyton back on the field one of my favorite quarterbacks of all time.
    Those of you who are hoping to see him get hurt first game, you have issues. Why not believe in your team instead of wishing for injuries to others players.

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