Second-year QBs impress in their own ways in San Fran


All things considered, a pretty good night for the quarterback class of 2011 in San Francisco.

Christian Ponder’s stat line doesn’t jump off the page, but it was actually better than it looked.

The Vikings’ starter was 4-of-9 passing for 80 yards, leading a pair of field goal drives. But of the five incompletions, three were dropped, and the other two thrown away.

Ponder will benefit from experience and a full set of personnel, as rookie left tackle Matt Kalil was shaky early, and they’ll be without Adrian Peterson for a bit longer.

On the other side, 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick had an impressive start.

He took his second snap, and ran it 78 yards for a touchdown.

Those results are a much better sign for the Vikings, who need a more mature performance from Ponder to be anything other than bottom-feeders this year.

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  1. Honestly, as a Packer fan, I think Ponder has real talent. He has a decievingly strong arm, amazing throw on the run, and has been dealt a raw deal since coming in. His best receiver wasn’t even on the field half of the offensive plays last year, and as people forget, the lockout made him jump in prematurely. I think in a year or two, the NFC North will be the most sound division, QB-wise.

  2. The 49’ers were more impressive not even needing to pass.
    Ponder was in for twice as many series as Alex Smith, but Ponder and the vikings did not get near the goal line.

    In the 2nd half the 49’ers gave their 4th string QB a great deal of playing time.

    The 49’ers were giving a lot of experience to their back up players while the vikings were attempting to give experience to their starters.

    In a regular season game the 49’ers would be over 20 point favorites.

  3. bobnelsonjr says: Aug 11, 2012 9:36 AM


    Another gem from the Pride of Sconnieland….

    I think Montee Ball has some “friends” who’d like to meet you…

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