Small wonder Trindon Holliday shows big speed

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The smallest player in Bank of America Stadium’s making the biggest plays.

Houston return specialist Trindon Holliday, all (alleged) 5-foot-5 and 170 pounds of him, has been the brightest star on the field.

He took a kickoff back 90 yards for a touchdown, and then took his next try (from 7 yards deep in the end zone) for 36 yards.

The LSU product has plenty of speed, but he hasn’t been able to stick so far. After being stashed on IR as a rookie, he was cut from the practice squad last year. If he keeps this up, they’ll have to find a spot for him.

Granted, the Panthers special teams may stink, but he’s provided the only flash so far in this game.

9 responses to “Small wonder Trindon Holliday shows big speed

  1. It’s amazing to think about. Calvin Johnson most likely has the same speed but is built like a tank. Some guys are truly blessed brother.

  2. Im at the game. Im a diehard panthers fan, but ive rooted for holliday since he got drafted. Our special teams is terrible, but hopefully he can keep it up against better special team units

  3. Calvin Johnson does not have the speed of Holliday, who was a potential Olympian in track. But it is too bad that Holliday isn’t bigger.

  4. I have been waiting for him to show off that speed for three years now. There is 1 inch and 20 lbs difference between Trindon and Darren Sproles but Gary Kubiak is trying to make him a wide receiver. I guess there are not any plans in the Mike Shanahan playbook to take advantage of his speed. I wish Gary would just watch some Saints games to see how Sean Payton uses Darren Sproles and mirror that with Trindon Holiday but he would probably have to ask Mike Shanahan for permission. I hope he learns to think outside of the Shanahan box.

  5. Returning a kick against the Panthers is like beating up a crippled kid. Our special teams are teh suck.

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