Chad Johnson to be released from jail soon, expected at practice


While most of America was waking up and having breakfast, Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson was at a bond hearing, set to be released from jail after last night’s domestic violence arrest.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Johnson appeared live via a video feed before a judge, who issued him a $2,500 bond and ordered him to have no contact with his wife, Evelyn Lozada (who he married on July 4).

Johnson was arrested Saturday night, after allegedly head-butting Lozada during an argument over a receipt for a box of condoms she found in his car. He contends the head butt was accidental.

Johnson’s lawyer, Adam B. Swickle, said Johnson would be released from the Broward County jail within a matter of hours.

He needs to hurry, as the Dolphins have practice at 1 p.m., and they will certainly want to have a chat with him beforehand.

Beyond the traditional “we are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering all the relevant information” statement, the Dolphins have made no other comment.

As HBO executives are saying as well, stay tuned.

40 responses to “Chad Johnson to be released from jail soon, expected at practice

  1. I don’t quite think this is the publicity the Fins were looking for when they hired 85 to do “Hard Knocks”, er, play football.

    I doubt very much that they’ll cut him over this, they’ll wait until the roster gets chopped.

  2. You play the fool and sometimes it catches up to you, his antics in the past aren’t helping him now regardless if they were in good nature or not. With that being said Ocho has always talked like a tough guy but has never ever been one. He can’t catch any balls no reason to think he has enough to head-butt Antoine Walker’s leftovers aka his reality junkie wife. As a side note does it surprise anyone that it would be less than 6 months before these 2 had reality star problems like this mess. Condom receipt in the car???? really, I would be mad at my 17 year old cousin if he did something that dumb and his girl caught him.

  3. It’s a publicity stunt brother. Reality shows will do anything for ratings. Very sad brother.

  4. He’s probably getting cut. He doesn’t make that much of a difference for this team. It not like he’s the final piece to a championship puzzle. They don’t even have a QB.

  5. hulkhogansays says:
    Aug 12, 2012 10:15 AM
    It’s a publicity stunt brother. Reality shows will do anything for ratings. Very sad brother
    —————————————–kind of like the skins trading up for RG3.

  6. Because he has a no contact order, he probably cant stay in his own house. And because they are married, he cant kick her out. I have a feeling this female is a real piece of work….she was able to get to Antoine Walker and then dropped him. She was able to get to Chad via Twitter. I have no doubts she wanted Chad to pay for allegedly cheating so she did what she needed to do to put him in jail.

  7. Where do we begin with this guy. Is he worth the hassle? As dysfunctional as T. Owens is, at least he puts up numbers.

  8. Loser. More worried about him and his than the team. Its why knuckleheads never win championships. Cannot see past himself. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  9. last stop on the gravy train for this idiot. hope you banked lots of $$$, after your wife takes you for a bundle, will there be any left? hahahaha

  10. hulkhogansays says:Aug 12, 2012 10:15 AM

    It’s a publicity stunt brother. Reality shows will do anything for ratings. Very sad brother.
    Hulk Hogan as a screen name and talking like him? No, thats not the least bit annoying. SMH

  11. nopepper123 says:
    Aug 12, 2012 10:47 AM
    I’m sure this somehow will come back and be the Bengals fault……….

    Nope, it’s my team’s HC whose fault it is now. Remember, he wouldn’t LET CHAD BE CHAD or USE HIM TO HIS BEST SKILLS (LOL). Marvin Lewis/Mike Brown so got over on BB with this trade. Sigh.
    Chad had a DV issue in college so it sure isn’t Cincy’s doing.

  12. What a joke the Dolphins have become, so sad. Please sell the team Ross. Ireland has no clue when it comes to acquiring talent.

  13. Wonder what the distaff $$ members that have an “ownership” stake in the team will think of having a player on the team who is unfaithful and head butts his wife???? I would say, “You want my money? Can this clown!”

  14. If you’ve never seen this woman on TV … It doesn’t surprise me that she was head butt’d (what a mouth) .. Anywho .. If Mr Johnson was smart he would have a gotten a pre-nump … I mean they’ve been married a month … Not a good start .. It appears to be over “like his career”

  15. When a person hasn’t had issues with DV then he deserves the benefit of the doubt. It’s just a shame that this happened while the Fins decided to do Hard Knocks. This doesn’t change anything, though. The Fins have done more good than bad this season.

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