Chad Clifton will work out for the Patriots


Plaxico Burress isn’t the only unsigned veteran to land on the Patriots’ radar recently.

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reported Sunday that longtime Packers tackle Chad Clifton will be in Foxborough for a workout this week and the NFL Network is reporting that the team will give Clifton a physical. That doesn’t mean a signing is right around the corner since there’s not much point in thinking about Clifton unless they know that he’s healthy enough to actually get on the field. Clifton failed a physical with Green Bay before getting released in April.

Clifton said he wanted to keep playing, though, and he’s had almost four months to strengthen his back since getting cut in Green Bay. The Patriots may just be doing due dilligence on a player who might fill a need down the line, but there could be a place for Clifton in New England.

The offensive line has been somewhat undermanned during camp. Logan Mankins started on the PUP list, Sebastian Vollmer remains on it, Brian Waters hasn’t reported and Robert Gallery decided to retire shortly after the start of camp. A healthy Clifton would give the Patriots the option of sliding Nate Solder back to the right side in place of Vollmer if need be and he’d provide more experienced depth than Marcus Cannon, although it’s premature to start figuring out where he fits unless or until the Patriots actually bring him on board.

15 responses to “Chad Clifton will work out for the Patriots

  1. if he is even remotely healthy they should jump on this. I dont trust Volmer to stay healthy anymore….and they cant roll with the tackles they have if Volmer is hurt.

    Just for depth purposes it makes sense.

  2. After watching the Packer’s turnstyles at LT last week, you’d have thought they would have had Clifton on the first plane to Green Bay last weekend.

  3. Yeah, it’s for depth I’m sure. I bet it has nothing to do with the fact that Nate Solder was the worse football player on the field last Thursday night.

  4. It’s never a bad idea to have a veteran tackle on the roster. Sign this guy pronto, depth is severely lacking on the Pats o-line.

  5. If the Pats don’t sign Plax the Dolphins will. Oh wait, that would be smart on their part. Never mind…..

  6. mountaindont, certainly Clifton has had some false starts in his long career but he’s never had a habit of them. He’s just been a consistently solidly good OT that was even great there for a short while.

    The back has seemingly really hurt his ability moving forward though.

  7. Chad’s back is SHOT an Greenbay know’s it. Warren Sapp cut Chad in half. That hit shortined his career an Chad should go home before he end up in a wheel chair. an if Greenbay thought it was a chance that Chad could still play he would still be there

  8. randallflagg52 says: Aug 13, 2012 6:18 PM

    Seems to me the Pats like to mess with these veteran free agents. They’ve worked out how many that still remain unsigned?

    Im still amazed at how far people will stretch things to attack the Patriots. Tons of NFL teams workout players every week to assemble an emergency list of players in case of an injury, or to see what a guy has left. To insinuate that they are doing it to mess with someone is asinine.

    AND, teams will often work out unsigned vets as a favor to the player, or more often his agent, to create buzz for the guy.

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