Pats aren’t expected to sign Plaxico

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Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on Sunday that receiver Plaxico Burress would be working out with the Patriots.

Adam Schefter of ESPN now reports that, in the wake of the Sunday workout, the Patriots don’t plan to sign Plaxico.

And so the man who helped beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII (due in part to the Pats’ failure to double-team Burress for the game-winning touchdown pass) will continue to look for a job.

Maybe the Dolphins finally will be interested.  After all, they have a vacancy.  And the only person he ever got in trouble for assaulting was himself.

12 responses to “Pats aren’t expected to sign Plaxico

  1. What a shame, prime example on why players need to keep their acts together. When you have a bad rep, teams are gonna think twice before signing you, therefor if you’re behaved they’ll more likely give you a shame.

  2. But as usual the haters made a big deal out of the visit.
    The patriots do this every year bringing in guys just to take a look, no big deal.

  3. Being around the NY media, I have heard Plaxico in many interviews and you get that he gets it, that he made a BAD judgement call with gun and wrecked his career. He was a good soldier for Rex Ryan. I believe that people can turn their lives around and that he deserves another chance in the NFL. I hope that he gets it. In a world of Kenny Britts and other repeat offenders, I do not believe that Plaxico will make another mistake. Good Luck Plax.

  4. You learn as a Pats fan, when it comes to Bill Belichick he’ll kick the tires on just about anyone if theres a chance they could help the team

  5. Why is he not in purple and gold yet? Ponder needs another good red zone target, and it looks like the receivers in MN in can’t catch that well (2 drops on 10 passes by Ponder). The balls hit them right in the hands. He’ll sign somewhere soon, wait for the injuries to add up.

  6. Character concerns are not the reason why the pats won’t sign Plax. Belichick wouldn’t have invited him if that were the case. Plax obviously didn’t impress at his tryout. The pats probably have the most talented offense in the league. They don’t need a mediocre WR.

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