Texans offensive linemen meet, aim to “get better”

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On the same day that Texans left tackle Duane Brown received a reward for four seasons of solid play, their collective effort in 2012 justified a get-together to talk about ways to get better.

“Internal Stuff,” guard Wade Smith told FOX 26 in Houston regarding the subject of the meeting.  “We have to get better as a group.  So we just had to handle it internally.”

Smith, Brown, and center Chris Myers spoke.  They are the remaining 60 percent of the team’s offensive line in 2011, which is missing tackle Eric Winston (who was cut) and guard Mike Briesel (who signed with the Raiders).

“Can’t go into detail,” Brown said of the meeting.  “Today’s practice was a little below expectations and we just had to share our input on what our expectations should be. . . .  This is early on in the season.  You got to nip this stuff in the bud and let some people know you can’t make this a habit.  This is a business and we’ve got standards and we’ve got to set the tone.”

Given that the holdovers spoke, it’s fair to wonder whether they’re not happy with the performance to date of the replacements — Antoine Caldwell and Rashad Butler.  Either way, the Texans need their offensive line to perform at a high level.  Though it’s troubling that it isn’t, it’s encouraging that the men who have been there recognized and acted on the need to improve.

6 responses to “Texans offensive linemen meet, aim to “get better”

  1. As a Texans fan, I would prefer our team to stay under the radar. I would like to keep the media attention away from Houston so the Texans can focus on football. I am sure you would rather write another article about Tim Tebow, Tony Romo or one of the wide receivers you love to hate on.

  2. Luck and the Colts will regain the afc south once again this year, u heard it here first, Brother!!!!!!

  3. Texans are a popular pick to contend based on the “What You Did For Me Last Season” insanity that grips so many in NFL media/fan circles, but this is one example of why they probably won’t. They lost a lot over the offseason.

  4. Anyone who continues to say the Texans won’t do well because “they lost so many players” is just not very smart. The players they lost were despite their success, not the reason behind their success.

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