Giants can’t escape injuries on the defensive line


Yeah, it has to be the mattresses.

Giants defensive tackle Marvin Austin told reporters he had just “a little backache,” but coach Tom Coughlin didn’t necessarily agree with that diagnosis.

The Giants are sending the second-year defensive tackle for more tests, and he won’t play Saturday night against the Jets. The rest of the preseason’s still in doubt.

Coughlin said he couldn’t rule out a structural problem, up to a disc issue.

“I don’t know,” Coughlin said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “They’re doing more tests. He said he felt pretty good today. A lot of the early symptoms were no longer there. We’re hoping that within a reasonable amount of time he can come back and play.”

The Giants have had a ridiculous concentration of injuries on the defensive line this camp. Shaun Rogers (blood clot) and Martin Parker (back) are already out for the season, and starter Chris Canty (knee) has yet to practice as he’s still on the physically unable to perform list.

That’s had them bringing in defensive tackles in bulk, including former Bronco Marcus Thomas. It also means that’s likely to continue for a few weeks, until Canty comes back or they get settled into their own comfortable beds at home.

22 responses to “Giants can’t escape injuries on the defensive line

  1. Sweep…tick, tock…clock is ticking for the sweep the Redskins will give NYG again…no playoffs for NYG this season either brother.

  2. JPP, Tuck, and Osi are all healthy as are Joseph and Bernard. I’m hoping Canty can get back and that Dwayne Hendricks continues to show the promise that he did in the Jacksonville game. Tough break for Rogers though as he lost FIFTY pounds to show up to training camp in shape.

  3. How do we know that the injuries are real? They could all be practicing so that they can unleash a ridiculous concentration of injuries during a game in order to slow down an opposing team’s offensive drive.

    The Giants and injuries. You said it … ridiculous.

  4. The Giants suffered a ridiculous amount of injuries on the defensive side of the ball last season. How did that work out?

    I’m glad this gives all the other NFC East haters hope. I’ll be even more glad when the Giants extinguish that hope.

  5. Nothing new for the giants, every year everyone points to some glaring hole on our team that’s gonna “put us in the basement” and once the season starts players step up.

  6. bigblueelite says:
    Aug 17, 2012 11:40 AM
    You haven’t beaten my team since the 2010 season. Sit down until you beat us, IF YOU EVER BEAT US AGAIN brother!

  7. Nothing new for Big Blue. We can not avoid a rash of injuries in the pre-season. Bottom line is nobody is stopping Eli, Nicks, Cruz & Randle and every QB is scared for their life with JPP, Osi, Canty, & Tuck coming after them. We’ll be just fine.

  8. first let me give props to the New York Football Giants. congratulations on your second superbowl victory in four years and what five overall. forgive me if that number is incorrect i’m not a fan. second let me say you guys are as close to being a dynasty as can get in todays NFL. you are the epitome of cohesion and consistancy. that being said you suck eggshells and bite pillows. my Redskins will beat dat ash again and again.

  9. Love Redskin fans they beat us for the first time since 2007 and they act like they sweep us all the time. That mustache bleach must be going to head brother.

  10. Let me explain why the Giants are not yet worried: Tuck and JPP can move inside if necessary. Kiwi and Osi are not scrubs at DE. Canty can play either inside or out when he comes back, so the D-Line isn’t in trouble just yet guys…

  11. None of the injured players were gonna play a big role. Rogers was in line to play maybe snaps 8-10 a game. Austin has been out for 2 years, so he was gonna start out slowly anyway. As long as Canty gets healthy soon, we’ll be fine. We still have Joseph and Bernard, and Hendricks looked like he waa ready to explode onto the scene vs Jax. We still have the best defensive end group in the NFL. JPP, Osi and Tuck. Plus, the world will be introduced to Adrian Tracy this year. Kid is a stud. Giants just breed sick defensive ends. Keep doubting us. We’ll just keep winning titles.

    Trivia Question: In the past 16 years, how many titles does each team in the NFC East have

  12. Cowboy5x were you even alive for all 5?? I was for all four of the giants. Stop acting like they all came recently. It’s been close to two decades since the last one. If anyone has been a paper champ it has been y’all since 1996.

  13. cowboys5x says: Aug 17, 2012 12:00 PM

    oh wait it could be like that game when to giants went down faking injuries and got back up… paper champs get 5 rings then we talk football.

    As if you were capable of talking football. You probably weren’t even alive the last time the Turds won a ring. You’ve probably never set foot in the state of Texas in your entire life, like most other Dallas ‘fans’

    Every year, Dallas is picked to win it all by at least 70% of the talking heads, but the Giants are ‘paper champs’ after 2 rings in 4 years?!

    Get a clue, clown. You have no idea what you’re talking about

  14. even with the injuries to the giants defensive line i still think they’ll be the only relevant team in the nfc east this year. vick will get hurt, romo, well, need i say more?, and bob, well let’s just say that we will be having flashbacks to jemarcus russell

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