Jaguars offense rolling early in New Orleans


If the Jaguars can keep things going like this, all Gene Smith and Mike Mularkey’s decisions are looking good.

The Jaguars have made a point of not making a big deal out of running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s holdout. And they’re giving Rashad Jennings plenty of chances to make him obsolete.

Jennings carried six for 41 yards on the first possession, as they were feeding him the ball to see how he handles a larger workload.

Of course, the Jags started well last week as well, but faded fast. This week, quarterback Blaine Gabbert kept it going. He found first-rounder Justin Blackmon for a 16-yard touchdown to cap a successful first drive, and built on that momentum to rest of the first quarter.

Gabbert was flawless on the opening drive, and even though he didn’t go through many reads on any of those passes, he did it cleanly.

He was 10-of-11 for 90 yards and two touchdowns, for the moment justifying the draft pick they used on him a year ago.

And Blackmon looked physical, showing an ability to get open the Jaguars lacked.

If they can keep those three clicking, and figure out a way to gracefully integrate Jones-Drew back into the mix, there’s a chance at building something.

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  1. Blaine Gabbert looks like a different guy (under the helmet he sorta looks like Drew Bledsoe). He’s still checking down a bunch on his reads, but he’s standing tall and looking more comfortable in that pocket.

    Justin Blackmon is living up to some of the hype as well with some run-after-the-catch playmaking ability. He stiff armed the heck out of Lofton after one catch.

  2. Also wanted to add: Jaguars running game will be fine until Jones-Drew comes back. A healthy Rashad Jennings gives this team a decent 1-2 punch in the backfield.

  3. Blackmon screwed up a little bit of the field but its good to see him back at his craft. The kid means well and has more handed to him than any of us at that age, heres to hoping he makes the best out of it, and continue to play like he did tonight.

  4. Gabbert has looked awesome! Looks the idiotic national media does not know what they’re talking about. I’m talking to you Michael Lombardi!

  5. National media spin: Gabbert looked timid leading the Jags on two early TD drives that sucked up almost 20 minutes of regulation time.

  6. I cant believe how quick the nationl media can turn from the Jags offense looks horrid, Gabbert is a bust and Blackmon is out of shape and what are the Jags gonna do without their only player in Joness-Drew? Im sick of it, you guys havent said anything about the great things coming out of camp this offseason, Jag fans are sick of it!

    Well Im glad you guys are finally noticing that they ARE building on something and that has been going on all of camp. All the jags are doing right know is Gabbert looks like a 1st rounder for the 2nd straight game and Blackmon looks like a superstar reciever and all the sudden we are saying MOJO who? Dont be suprised when this team is in the hunt at the end.

  7. Positive mention of the Jags and Gabbert? You must be new around here. Be careful, you might lose your job if you don’t find a way to put some sort of negative spin when mentioning the Jags.

  8. gnarly stuff brother. I about choked on my dominos sub when brees got hit. he got up holding his arm up the same way he did after the hit he took as a charger. if brees were hurt, like him or not, NFL would be a little less fun to watch.

  9. You folks are so obvious. All Gabbert has to do is spit straight and you’d say he had a great night.

    Such is the life of a media chosen QB.

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