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Brandon Jacobs carried off after left knee injury


49ers running back Brandon Jacobs was carried off the field after suffering a potentially significant left knee injury in Saturday night’s preseason game against the Texans.

Jacobs could put no weight on the leg as he was assisted to the sideline. The injury occurred at the end of an eight-yard run that saw Texans cornerback Kareem Jackson collide with Jacobs’ knee. Jackson was also shaken up on the play. Jacobs was down for several minutes immediately after the collision, as 49ers and Texans players huddled all around him.

Jacobs was eventually carted to the locker room.

Signed to add a powerful element to San Francisco’s backfield off the bench this year, Jacobs was trying to rejuvenate his career at age 30. We have a feeling we won’t be seeing him play football for awhile.

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27 Responses to “Brandon Jacobs carried off after left knee injury”
  1. negritochulo says: Aug 18, 2012 8:48 PM

    SMH. He still feels like a Giant to me, and I hate reading this.

  2. nygmenruleny says: Aug 18, 2012 8:50 PM

    That is really a bad thing. Hope he is OK. He was the tip-toe burglar in NY, but I didn’t want to see him end his career/year like this. Hope it is just a really bad bruse or something like that.

  3. portlax12 says: Aug 18, 2012 8:51 PM

    Once Giant, always a Giant. Get well soon man.

  4. 49erstim says: Aug 18, 2012 8:52 PM

    That really sucks. get better Mr Jacobs.

  5. rockthered1286 says: Aug 18, 2012 8:52 PM

    Damn shame. I had my money on Gore going down with an injury first.

  6. 7ransponder says: Aug 18, 2012 8:52 PM

    Is it me, or do there seem to be WAY more significant preseason injuries than normal this year?

  7. berniemadoffsides says: Aug 18, 2012 8:53 PM

    Long time Giants fan here – still love the guy and wish him well.

  8. nygdriveforfive says: Aug 18, 2012 9:05 PM

    Hoping for the best for Jacobs.Giant for life.

  9. packfaninvikeland says: Aug 18, 2012 9:14 PM

    ACL..or MCL..hopefully not though but..usually what it is. Whatever it is hope he gets healthy soon!

  10. floriosfuglykid says: Aug 18, 2012 9:16 PM

    A sad end to a guy who deserved better.

  11. baymac408 says: Aug 18, 2012 9:28 PM

    Hope it isn’t bad!! As much as I like Anthony Dixon and want him to make the roaster, he isn’t doing much of anything except special teams but even then Rock is solid… If Jacobs is hurt power running game could be just like last year… So Dixon better step up in the run game!! Or sadly he won’t make the squad

  12. baymac408 says: Aug 18, 2012 9:28 PM

    Jacobs is running great right now especially short yardage!! Come back quick…. NINERS STAND UP

  13. thehighhat says: Aug 18, 2012 9:33 PM

    Shame to see him go down on a hit by some talentless scrub!

  14. patfic15 says: Aug 18, 2012 9:35 PM

    With 5 number Wrs , who needs a running game?

  15. jason49er says: Aug 18, 2012 9:43 PM

    The word on the sideline was it was the inside the knee, the guys calling the game speculated that it looked like an MCL then, not an ACL. It looked like he got hit above the knee in the hamstring/quad area, the CB dove at his leg while it was off the ground in strike, that bodes well, I’d be more worried about a tear if the leg was planted.

    Hopefully it’s just a sprain and he’s back in a few weeks.

  16. 4evrnyt says: Aug 18, 2012 9:44 PM

    Done. Oh well i guess it’ll be like he was never on the team to begin with.

  17. downslide33 says: Aug 18, 2012 9:52 PM

    Never liked him or his big mouth, but hate to see him get hurt.

  18. iced107 says: Aug 18, 2012 10:00 PM

    As a Ram fan, hope you have a great recovery..

  19. trojanwarrior007 says: Aug 18, 2012 10:07 PM

    he was hard pressed to even make the final roster spot. unless they were gonna keep 4 backs. at least he’ll be a good cheerleader on the sidelines.

  20. jthammerstix says: Aug 18, 2012 10:11 PM

    Tough luck silver back. Keep on truckin

  21. jckid21 says: Aug 18, 2012 11:08 PM

    Hope your recovery is quicker than a car ride down the GSP from East Rutherford to AC…..

  22. brett76 says: Aug 18, 2012 11:10 PM

    Sounds like this was the same kind of hit that put Adrian Petersen out last year. Everyone better get used to this. NFL defenders don’t know how to actually tackle & now that they are being told not to go high, they will all be throwing themselves at ball carriers knees.

  23. aces79 says: Aug 18, 2012 11:20 PM

    Man that sucks i hope he gets better fast we need this guy to pound some defences

  24. bluebongzilla says: Aug 18, 2012 11:21 PM

    Nobody will remember his name in 5 years.

  25. mcbleeezy says: Aug 18, 2012 11:30 PM

    Good riddance BJ. Had it coming…

  26. aces79 says: Aug 18, 2012 11:47 PM

    Coach Jim Harbaugh helps Jacobs off the field what a coach! go’s to show that he cares about his players now that’s class thumbs up to Harbaugh get better soon Jacobs.

  27. sixjak says: Aug 19, 2012 1:27 AM

    rockthered1286 says:
    Aug 18, 2012 8:52 PM
    Damn shame. I had my money on Gore going down with an injury first.


    I hope you get cancer and die you creep.

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