SNF Extra returns tomorrow night

Sunday Night Football returns tomorrow night on NBC, as the Colts visit the Steelers.

Also returning will be Sunday Night Football Extra, the second-screen web companion that allows the user to pick a camera angle — and to chat with a certain Internet hack with whom the user may be familiar.

That’s right.  I’ll be locked into the captain’s chair, fingers sporting the perfect combination of Mountain Dew and mozzarella as question after question cascades like chocolates (or pills) on the conveyor belt.

So make sure you turn your TV to NBC and your computer to tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. ET as Andrew Luck faces a defense slightly better than the one he dissected last week.

4 responses to “SNF Extra returns tomorrow night

  1. Mountain Dew and mooozadell, huh? Can that be the very definition of “Italian guy from West Virginia?”

  2. What’s with you and your anti-Steelers reporting (“a defense slightly better than the one he dissected last week”)?

    The Steelers held Vick and company to (2) 3 and outs for a net gain of -2 yds. last week and were ranked first in total defense in 2011. The Colts’ opponent last week, the Rams, were 22nd. That makes the Steelers “slightly” better…really?

    By your standards Usain Bolt is slightly better than Tony Siragusa in the 100m.

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