Pats send Fanene packing, despite $3.85 million signing bonus


There may be easier ways to make $3.85 million, but few that don’t involve buying a lottery ticket.

Defensive lineman Jonathan Fanene, signed by the Pats in March, has now been cut.  The team announced the move on Tuesday afternoon.

Fanene received a $3.85 million signing bonus, and he was due to earn a $900,000 base salary in 2012.  Throw in a $100,000 workout bonus, and he made $3.95 million without ever suiting up for a game.

A seventh-round pick in 2005, appeared in 16 games with two starts last season.  He had a career-high 6.5 sacks.

The Pats also waived offensive lineman Kyle Hill and kicker Chris Koepplin.

And so Fanene becomes a free agent, and he has $3.85 million in largely free money.

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  1. Seems like a waste of money but I’ll say this about the Patriots: they don’t seem shy about dropping someone who they don’t think will work out, regardless of how much money they just spent on them.

    Now if only they could develop precognition to avoid spending money on people who won’t work out. Course I could think of better uses for that ability…

  2. I’m surprised by this but this means that bill was impressed by what he has seen from out other interior lineman like Cunningham love and Trevor scott and also he hasn’t practiced since the start of training camp

  3. Pats took a gamble and cut their loss as Fanene has a knee injury that hampered him last season with the Bengals and unfortunately it flared up again 10 days ago.Obviously, the Patriots didn’t feel he will be ready to play this season. The good news is Brace is finally playing like a 2nd round pick and looks to contribute this year.

  4. ahhhhhh.. the perils of dealing with free agents..

    and people wonder why teams like the giants and steelers treat free agency like the plague.. i’m glad my brownies have gone that route.. the right way to build a team..

  5. As big as a mistake it is to sign a FA to too big of a contract, it’s an even bigger mistake to let a player with inferior skills have a roster spot over someone who can do better.

  6. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this was probably not a good signing.
    The other side of the coin is you have to respect a team that chooses to not be a slave to a bad signing. If other options look better, take the hit and move on.

  7. Could the emergence of Chandler Jones have anything to do with this? So far that kid is looking great!

  8. How much money has Former Bengals cast the Pats this year? Seems like they keep fishing for the next Corey Dillon and are coming up nothing. First they take a hit on letting Chad go before THEIR extension was up on his contract. Now they’re letting Fanene walk after almost giving him 4 million dollars.. This stuff has got to be hurting them in cap space a little.

  9. $3.85 million? That is crazy! I could make that money last my whole lifetime, living extremely comfortable. He received that money for pretty much nothing? My god, Fanene is one lucky dude! He gets enough money to retire on for nothing and has a shot at signing somewhere else to make more. Must be nice!

  10. Signing Fanene was a mistake. Keeping him on the roster just because of how much money he makes would be a bigger mistake. That is why Belichick wins. He isn’t afraid to cut bait when he screws up. (See Beckett, Josh for an example of a team that is keeping a loser on its roster just because of the money.)

  11. The FA & draft signings the Pats have made have gotten poor since Scott Pioli left. He was the only one who could say ‘no’ to BB.

  12. No one can predict injury. But if gets injured or past injury hinders him, the Pats are rt to cut and move on. Way to go Pats.

  13. There is no way they let this guy go if it was only because his knee was arthritic and he needed a scope. No way. There was more going on with this – they probably asked him to play in some degree of pain and he wouldn’t do it. This was the Patriot’s big name free agent signing this off season…just bad all around.

  14. Belichick has never suggested he doesn’t make mistakes.

    But unlike other coaches he doesn’t compound an issue by wasting a roster space just because the guy had a big signing bonus.

    The best guys make the team.

    Other coaches would rather keep lesser players than admit a mistake and release them.

  15. You guys just don’t get it. Fanene is injured and isn’t going to make it for the start of the season. The Pats also can’t afford giving up the roster spot. So what do they do, the release Fanene. No one is likely to pick up that contract and on Thursday they put him on IR..

    But not season long IR. They put him on the IR that allows him to come back after 8 games. So at worst the Pats lose him for this year. At best they get him back mid season….and they don’t lose the roster spot.

    So it isn’t that the Pats made a mistake on Fanene. Its that he’s hurt and they don’t lose the roster spot….but keep the player. Just another example of the Pats staying one step ahead of the rest of the league…in a small way.

  16. This is confusing. Fanene stood out in every bengals game I remember from last year, and now this. I can understand if theyre cutting him because of injury and thats about it. They already got the 3.95 in so they might have just saved a million bucks off what they lost with this. He must be injured.

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