Roddy White apologizes to Todd Haley


Falcons receiver Roddy White made some waves on Sunday night with a tweet about Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

“Todd Haley problem is he really thinks that coaches win games not players when he realizes he doesn’t win games than he will be fine,” White wrote.

It was an odd choice by White for a couple of reasons. One was that he’s never played for Haley, so couldn’t testify firsthand as to his coaching style and the other is that it is as circular an argument as you can find. Players do win games with their play, but they are on the field because of decisions made by the coaches who also call the plays that the players execute. You can’t win without strong performances in both areas so it is hard to make an iron-clad argument for which is most important.

White either realized that or he realized that it’s not the best professional etiquette to call out coaches who might be looking for wide receivers at some point because Thursday brought a change of tune. White was back on Twitter to offer an apology to Haley.

“I want to apologize to Todd Haley for my comments way out of line by me. He just wants the best for his players. From a good source he is really a good coach,” White wrote.

White’s never been shy about sharing his thoughts via Twitter, whether about concussions, Joe Paterno or coaches from other teams. If you’re going to be that way and find yourself in a position where you need to apologize, far better to do it like this instead of just deleting a tweet and pretending it never happened.

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  1. My sonny boy Nate, you know him as Ravenator, will make an intelligent response to this. I hope you folks don’t pick on him like all the other kids in the neighborhood do. He is special needs, after all. You probably knew that though.

  2. Or, you know, he could apologize in person or on the phone like an adult instead of posting it online like a teenager so everyone can see that you’re a “good person”. I really can’t stand twitter for what it has done to the sporting world.

  3. Maybe he is on to something. Think of all the money the team could save if they got rid of the coaching staffs! Then they could take that money and give it to the players. Yes, he is on to something big here. Note to self Call Goodell in the morning with new idea

  4. Twitter is not good for immature people who’ll say one thing and then retract it (perhaps because someone slapped their wrist).

  5. “Todd Haley problem is he really thinks that coaches win games not players when he realizes he doesn’t win games than he will be fine,” White wrote.


    It’s annoying enough when people try to type than and write then….. mixing them up in the other direction takes a whole new level of stupid….. thanks Roddy you gave me a good laugh today

  6. What’s that – I just spit in your face? I apologize, I never should have done it, and I’ll never do it again.

    What a good boy I am.

  7. Maybe it’s would just be “better” if certain athletes just stayed off of Social Networks altogether. Then they would not be needing to apologize for some grammatically butchered, incomprehensible, idiotic statement…

  8. I guess Roddy didn’t pay attention to the 9ers 2010 vs 9ers 2011. Or Falcons pre Smith vs Falcons post Smith. It takes both, but I’d bet on a great coach with decent players over a decent coach with great players.

  9. Ghetto, redneck white is a typical FAILCANT player – no class, clueless and delusional…then the faux apology….what a joke…roddy – your trailer in nowhere,al is ready for your retirement after Lofton lights you up this year…fact….

  10. If that were entirely true the Singletary would still be head coach of the 9ers. True you need talent to play but that talent needs a game plan and direction.

  11. I remember a couple of years ago when he sais Alex Smith doesn’t belong in the NFL.

    He may or may not be correct, but he’s not losing playoff games for the team Roddy drops for, so why run your pie hole?

  12. Normally I would agree that it’s a “circle argument” that you need both great players and coaches….then I started thinking about my favorite team….

    Well, one word….Barry Switzer….

    If that doesn’t blow that entire “great players need great coaches & vice-versa” then I don’t know what will…

  13. jeffv504 | Aug 23, 2012, 5:01 PM EDT

    “Droppy White”



  14. Can’t help but respect a guy that’s man enough to step up and own it when he says something foolish.

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