Roethlisberger expects Wallace to be up to speed quickly

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With all signs pointing to wide receiver Mike Wallace finally reporting to the Steelers this weekend, it looks like we can stop wondering about when he’ll decide to get back to work.

And we can start wondering about how quickly he’ll be able to get up to speed after missing the entire offseason. During preseason action, we’ve seen some clear differences in Todd Haley’s offense from the one Wallace played in last season. That could mean a slow transition, although quarterback Ben Roethlisberger reports that Wallace has a copy of the playbook that will help him hit the ground running.

“I guess it could be a little bit of a challenge. But if he’s putting the work in that I think and he’s telling me he’s doing, he’ll be fine,” Roethlisberger said, via Mike Bires of the Beaver County Times. “He’s been working out and working, not just on his conditioning and his strength, but working also on the offense.”

Any full contemplation of Wallace’s readiness will have to wait until he actually arrives, but one thought does leap immediately to mind. The one thing that hasn’t been part of the Steelers offense under Haley has been the deep ball, something that could be missing because Wallace hasn’t been in the lineup. Even if Wallace doesn’t have a full grasp of the offense when the regular season begins, the threat of him running deep could open up things underneath for Antonio Brown and others.

9 responses to “Roethlisberger expects Wallace to be up to speed quickly

  1. My guess is Wallace ends up getting injured. Maybe not seriously, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pull a hammy and miss some playing time.

    Not at all uncommon for holdouts.

  2. Most of these guys end up pulling a hamstring after these hold outs, especially speed guys. Book it.

  3. I am sure he will be up-to-speed by the time Haley gets a play called and sent in to Big Ben. Unless Haley’s paranoia kicks in again in which case Wallace will be retired before a Haley can get a play relayed into the game.

  4. can we stop talking about him like he’s the fastest thing the NFL has ever seen? yes, he has elite speed, but you guys act like offenses cant throw anything downfield unless there’s 4.2 speed on the field.

  5. He’ll be fine, he’s just skipping out on training camp, like Walter Jones used to do in Seattle, Strahan did in NY, etc……don’t want to work hard or risk injury before the games count!

  6. While most players need time in camp to learn a new playbook under a new offensive coordinator, that might not necessarily be the case for Wallace. He’s not a renowned route-runner; he’s a speedster. Whether it’s Bruce Arians’ playbook or Todd Haley’s playbook, or even my own playbook, the game plan for Wallace will be largely the same—run downfield with your unmatchable speed, get open and get the ball.

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