Tiquan Underwood not bitter about pre-Super Bowl release


If there was ever a player with reason to be bitter, Tiquan Underwood might be the guy.

The receiver with the distinctive high top fade was released by the Patriots the day before the Super Bowl, making him a national martyr for those looking for an example of how mean Bill Belichick was.

Only problem? Underwood didn’t see it that way.

“Not at all,” Underwood said, via Tom Curran of CSNNE.com. “The thing I love about Coach Belichick, he does what’s best for the team every week for that game. The object in this league is to win the game. He did that and he’s gonna continue to do that, day in and day out each week. As a player, you can’t be on the back half of the roster because that’s where tough decisions have to be made. I respect him because no matter what game it is, what week it is, he’s gonna do that.

“I want to be one of the guys in the front part of the roster.”

After he was re-signed and cut again over the summer, Underwood latched on with his old college coach Greg Schiano in Tampa Bay. He leads the Bucs this preseason with three catches for 76 yards in two games.

Underwood said there were “a lot of similarities” between Belichick and Schiano.

“They’re tough coaches, they know what they want, they demand a lot from their players,” he said. “Coming here helped me because it was a smooth transition.

“They [the Patriots] are a great organization. I’m just thankful to have played there for the time I did. I learned so much as a player and as a person. It’s no secret why they’re so successful. Those guys work so hard, the attention to detail and that’s really helped me as a player. I’ve brought it down here and I’m trying to work on my craft.”

Truth is, Underwood’s in a much better position to make a regular season roster with the Bucs, even though his chances of being anywhere near a Super Bowl went down considerably.

20 responses to “Tiquan Underwood not bitter about pre-Super Bowl release

  1. You can’t play in a Super Bowl if you’re not on a team. Underwood was a productive receiver in college; granted he was playing across from Kenny Britt and also benefitted from having Ray Rice in the running game. He’s definitely talented enough to be a role player somewhere, and obviously playing for his former college coach is an obvious fit. Hope he catches on in Tampa, he’s definitely got his head screwed on better than Britt.

  2. Boy, Schiano sure has collected a lot of his former RU guys down there in Tampa. Rutgers couldn’t even win a title in the lowly Big East… How will that help Schiano in the pros?

  3. But you Know you Tiquan was happy as hell when the Patriots did not win it lol. If he would of been cut and they won and he didn’t get a Ring that would always stick with him, the fact they didn’t is much more satisfying. Karma

  4. Underwood can always say to his grandkids, If the Patriots would have kept me then they would of won the Superbowl, I could have made the catches that Welker dropped, the Pats messed up by releasing me.

  5. Underwood is a good kid…glad he’s catching on in Tampa. Hopefully he can make his way onto the full time roster. He’s got an attitude that coaches love to have on the team and that will serve him well.

    Good luck to him!

  6. Wow… talking about taking the high ground… but I agree about what he says about the rooster and where you are on the depth chart… he couldn’t get it done. That speaks volumes because the Pats (welker excluded) had really crappy wide receivers last year.

  7. He’ll be at worst Tampa’s number 4 receiver. He’s been the best receiver in camp not named Jackson or Williams. His attitude definitely makes me hope he gets a shot, he sure deserves it.

  8. Well, at least he has that AFC Champions ring that SB losers get. Any one of us would love to have earned even 1 of those, even though it’s not a SB ring.

  9. Imagine that… A player wanting to play for a coach that makes roster moves that actually are designed to help the team win each week

    Good that Tiquan demonstrates a great understanding of the game even if the outraged fans jealous of the Patriots cannot.

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