Davis trade could make for interesting Hard Knocks

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If Hard Knocks truly provides a genuine and candid look behind the curtain of an NFL franchise, the next episode should contain some intriguing commentary regarding the trade that sent Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis to the Colts.

At a time when the Dolphins and the Colts otherwise would have been privately discussing a deal, Colts owner Jim Irsay started tweeting about a possible trade.  From Thursday night into Friday night and into the weekend.

So how did the Dolphins react to Irsay’s antics?  Did they complain?  Call him a loose cannon, or worse?

Or did they pull punches because they knew they were wearing microphones?  And will anything they said be edited out, if it’s regarded as being impolite or unflattering to Irsay?

Either way, we now may know why Irsay opted to tweet talk about the trade.  Surely, his tweets will be covered — and his name will be mentioned, more than once or twice — during the HBO show.

And if you don’t like the fact that Irsay and the Colts will invade a show that’s supposed to be about the Dolphins, you can always buy your own network.

9 responses to “Davis trade could make for interesting Hard Knocks

  1. Irsay made the dolphins look desperate openly discussing a trade in a public forum, Phins should have cut off negotiations. Plus its kind of weird that irsay said hes willing to open his pockets for this trade, Davis has 2 years remaining on his current deal, makes me think this “wasnt” the big one.

  2. Unless they say something like “Let’s bump up the asking price to a 2nd rounder now that Irsay is going on Twitter saying the deal has to get done ASAP” or “We can use these tweets to tell that other team asking about Davis that Irsay and the Colts are really desperate to get a deal done and start a bidding war” — I really don’t think it’s going to matter what they say.

    It’s not like the entire NFL and most of its fans don’t already know Irsay is out there.

  3. It seems like Irsay doesn’t watch Hard Knocks or he wouldn’t have given up a second-round pick for Davis.

    Then again, he probably did inherit his daddy’s HBO subscription.

  4. 2nd rounder for a talented, but lazy, hotheaded, not easily motivated corner that might quit on you at any given moment? Fins up, colts down on this one.

  5. The bigger question is, did Reggie Bush, Carlos Dansby and Jake Long go crying to the coaching staff like they did when Chad was released.

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