AFC East is struggling in the preseason


With all the talk about the inability of the Jets to score a touchdown in three preseason games, the good news is that the rest of the division isn’t exactly tearing up the NFL in the games that don’t count.

Yeah, it’s the preseason.  Still, the four teams of the AFC East have combined through three weeks of the preseason for one win — and 11 losses.

And they’ve collectively been more than doubled up in points, scoring 130 and allowing 270.

It hardly means that the AFC East will be the worst top-to-bottom division in the league.  But it should make Jets fans feel a little better (or a little less bad) about the performance of their team’s offense.

The good news is that, as of Week One, the AFC East teams are guaranteed to at least match their win total in the preseason to date.  After all, the Jets host the Bills.

Then again, it’s impossible to rule out a 0-0 tie.

7 responses to “AFC East is struggling in the preseason

  1. It’s laughable that you completely discount that one of those teams is the New England Patriots.

    You know, the team that typically goes 14-2, 16-0, 13-3 in your average regular season, regardless of any preseason record.

    Now the Yets, the Dolphins, and the Bills, that’s another story. Not one of those is going to win 10 games.

  2. The Patriots would probably not even come in 3rd place year after year in any other division. What other team starts the year with a guaranteed 4-6 wins?

  3. The Patriots almost always look discombobulated in the preseason. They often look sloppy in the first 2 or 3 real games, too. Usually works out fine for them by the end of the season.

    The rest of ’em, well, we’ll see.

  4. Ending in a 0-0 tie is a real possibility. The JETS have one of the best defenses in the league and routinely shut down the Bills.

    And well, Sanchez just plain sucks.

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