Coach said Richard Seymour has arthritis, Seymour says otherwise


Raiders coach Dennis Allen and defensive lineman Richard Seymour have offered conflicting opinions about the balky knee that has limited Seymour during the preseason.

“It’s more of a maintenance deal with Richard,” Allen said on Sunday. “He’s got some arthritis, basically, in his knee. So, he gets a little pain, a little swelling, we got to be able to manage that.”

But the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Seymour was surprised to hear that diagnosis and said today that he doesn’t have arthritis. When Allen addressed Seymour’s situation today, he omitted the word “arthritis.”

“It’s the same issues that he’s been dealing with for a while now,” Allen said of Seymour. “It’s nothing more than some tendinitis, and it’s something that you’re going to have to manage. And when you get into regular-season games, you play through some of that stuff.”

What Allen and Seymour agree on is that Seymour’s knee requires plenty of rest. And that’s no surprise for a 32-year-old who has spent 11 seasons playing defensive line in the NFL. Regardless of whether he has been diagnosed with arthritis or not, Seymour’s knee — like the knees of a lot of aging veterans — is showing the wear and tear that comes from playing pro football.

16 responses to “Coach said Richard Seymour has arthritis, Seymour says otherwise

  1. Tommy Kelly, Desomnd Bryant, Jack Crawford, Bilukidid, Dominque Hamilton …. we good.

  2. Let the disarray and mayhem begin in Oakland. Coach and star player begun season in miscommunication and denials. Last place again for the Oakland Raiders.

  3. I;ve more respect to Seymour than ever before. this guy is a star player and have played through this kinda issues in his great professional career.

  4. Arthritis, Tendinitis, whatever. Nobody likes to hear “arthritis”, makes it sound like an old persons problem. Trouble is 11 years of football = 30-40 years wear on the knee. It’s like the word “Meniscus”. Mine’s pretty much gone and I need surgery. Bet it would be cheaper if they still called it “cartilage”.

  5. it seems to hurt in the pre season , and camp, and feels great by opening day…….That is all Phillip Rivers, and the rest of the chargers need to know come Monday night.

  6. “It’s the same issues that he’s been dealing with for a while now,” Allen said of Seymour. “It’s nothing more than some herpes. Wait! I’m not a doctor, am I? Maybe I should just stop guessing about stuff I’m no expert on!”

  7. At 15 million one dollar bills, this is probably Seymour’s last year in Oakland, at least at that pay grade. But he’s still better than most guys his age, and will do some damage this season.

  8. I wish I could tell him about youngevity. its a shame we all dont know. some beyond tangy tangerine and osteo FX would be a miracle to the entire NFL along with the litany of other products they offer. THe owner that pays for these products for his team is the owner that wins it all

  9. He had the same issue last year but like others have said , the depth on the DL is exceptional.

    The pressure they generate will help the secondary immensely.

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