Packers’ Desmond Bishop out for season


Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop will not play at all this season.

Bishop, who had surgery for a torn hamstring 10 days ago, has been placed on injured reserve, ending his 2012 season. Bishop started 13 games last season, and losing him is a big blow as Green Bay tries to improve its defense this season.

In getting their roster down to 75 players, the Packers also placed running back Du’ane Bennett, tight end DeMarco Cosby, guard Ray Dominguez, defensive end Johnny Jones and receiver Shaky Smithson on injured reserve. Tight end Andrew Quarless and linebacker Frank Zombo were placed on reserve/physically unable to perform.

The Packers also released fullback Jon Hoese and defensive end Jarius Wynn.

28 responses to “Packers’ Desmond Bishop out for season

  1. This blows. Good thing though that Hawk has actually looked halfway decent these last 3 preseason games. Hopefully that continues and Smith can step up for Bishop.

  2. Really sorry to hear that. Des is a great guy and just a playmaker on the field. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery and that he comes back stronger than ever.

  3. Well, the Packers defense wasn’t going to improve this year anyway. Be interesting to see if the top ranked teams, most of which have bottom-ranked defenses, live up to expectations this year.

    Somehow I doubt it. Even the Packer offense may find it a bit of a hurdle to have to score 40 points a game if they want to win.

  4. @southpaw447 dude hawk can’t make his own tackle, some1 has to clean up for him much less can he fill the shoes of bishop… DJ Smith is really the only 1 who has the capability of stepping up and taking that place

  5. So What Big Deal…

    All that Ted will do is re-load.

    T.T. is the best in the NFL at what he does. There is no other even close to him.

  6. raiderspride says: Aug 27, 2012 6:59 PM

    So What Big Deal…

    All that Ted will do is re-load.

    T.T. is the best in the NFL at what he does. There is no other even close to him.

    If you exclude Jerry Reese from the discussion entirely, you are right.

  7. pterodonktyl says: Aug 27, 2012 7:09 PM

    This may drop GB from 16-0 to 15-1, just like the loss of Collins did last season.

    More like no change from the 11-5 that they were going to be anyway.

  8. schmitty2 says:Aug 27, 2012 6:27 PM
    “D.J Smith is pretty aggressive. Might not be as huge a loss as people think”

    Bishop and Smith, two guys that can tackle/blitz/cover in the middle… instead of the typical “let’s try and hide AJ Hawk from having to do anything important” defensive strategy… idk, I’m annoyed at this injury…Having Clay/Bishop/Smith/Perry as our 3-4 linebackers would’ve been AWESOME.

  9. As a fan of the Packers, I’m disappointed. If he is going to be fine by say mid-November, they should have held his spot.

  10. Football is a tough sport……Hawk is a glass house……..the self-proclaimed “dynasty” from the pack faithful….yes, there were MANY of you, is down the tubes…….even the Vikings have a better D than the fudgies, which is NOT saying alot.

    I smell 9-7……..out of the playoffs……book it!!!

  11. Please say it ain’t so! We need all da packee’s healthy so cheeze nation can’t use it as the excuse for missing da playoff’s.

  12. The Packers are WEAK… an Rodgers cant win by his self.. hes got NO running game at all…..
    ( Benson 2.7 yards per carry ) NO defense… ( steady losing players ) an the change of offensive coordinator will show. SORRY packers fans But your team is WEAK an that will show up right from the start of regular season.

  13. Good news is that the outside ‘backers will be much stronger this year with the additions of Perry and Moses. Moses really likes to hit the guy with the football, as does Smith, who’ll be taking Bishop’s place. The Pack doesn’t have to have a dominant D, they just need a few stops each game.

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