Steelers activate Harrison, Worilds from PUP list

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The Steelers have been short on outside linebackers during training camp and the preseason, but they will have two more to work with during practice leading into the season opener.

James Harrison and Jason Worilds have both been activated from the physically-unable-to-perform list that they have called home since the start of camp. The move means that both players are now free to begin practicing and playing in games and it also suggests that both players will be able to do just that in the next few weeks. Post-activation, neither linebacker is eligible for the reserve/PUP list that would keep them out for at least six games while allowing the Steelers to fill their roster spots with other, healthier players.

That shows confidence in their readiness, given how long the injuries have hung around. Worilds had what he called a “cleanup” procedure on his wrist, but wound up missing a significant amount of time. Harrison’s knee bothered him all offseason before he finally had it scoped two weeks ago. Both men have consistently vowed to be ready to play Week One and appear to be on track, but any setbacks would again leave the Steelers short at the position. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the two men splitting time at the position in the early going to limit the possibility of such a setback occurring.

Harrison and Worilds aren’t the only Steelers coming off injuries with uncertain short-term outlooks. They activated running back Rashard Mendenhall and defensive tackle Casey Hampton amid uncertainty about when they would be fully prepared to get back on the field and it’s believed Mendenhall will be out for several weeks of the regular season.

21 responses to “Steelers activate Harrison, Worilds from PUP list

  1. Steelers are getting healthy at just the right time. This is great news and were rolling into the season with only two major injuries, one of which didnt even require IR.

  2. This is good to hear, if for no other reason than it removes two of the many excuses that will be cited Steelers fans when their team misses the playoffs.

    It’s cool though, you still have the refs, Goodell’s bias, DeCastro’s injury, the refs, Polamalu’s inevitable injury, the turf, El Nino, laws against rape, unicorns, and oh yeah the refs.

  3. Quite a dynamic organization, these Steelers. There may be a few franchises close to their character and quality, like the Packers, Giants and Pats . . . but I’ll take Rooney U. any day.

  4. beerbaron says:
    It’s cool though, you still have the refs, Goodell’s bias, DeCastro’s injury, the refs, Polamalu’s inevitable injury, the turf, El Nino, laws against rape, unicorns, and oh yeah the refs.

    I gotta say, as a diehard steeler fan, I may disagree with you but that is funny as hell…

  5. ravensdominate says:Aug 28, 2012 7:08 PM

    Ravens cut this guy.

    And? Steelers cut him several times too before he stuck. Guy was Defensive Player of the Year and had the most exciting pick-6 in Super Bowl history.

  6. Devo got a “get out of jail” card from the commish this year, just don’t tell anyone you heard it hear, mkay!

  7. It’s hilarious how scared to death ravens fans are. Every steeler post they are all over it trying to convince themselves their not terrified with whatever excuses they can come up with….but you can see it with every one of their ignorant moronic no knowledge hack comments.

  8. ravensdominate says:
    Aug 28, 2012 7:08 PM

    Ravens cut this guy.


    You are actually proud of the fact that the Ravens cut a player who eventually went onto be the D Player of the Year? Way to make yourself look like a world class moron.

  9. I love how the Ravens fans and Steelers fans banter about like they are the only ones in the AFC North.
    Check your blind spot…here come the Bengals passing you like you are standing still.

  10. Yes I’m proud of the ravens for getting rid of ghetto trash like Harrison. In case you haven’t noticed, the Ravens are a DPOY factory without his services… I.e Lewis, Suggs, Reed and coming soon… Haloti Ngata.

  11. @samoanjungle – can’t agree that the Bengals are passing the Steelers and Ravens like they are standing still, but I have to agree that the past couple years both the Bengals and Browns have been on the upswing.

    I remember when our division was the scariest in all football, and it looks like we’re headed back in that direction again. Wouldn’t have it any other way, either 🙂

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