Titans close to activating Britt from PUP list

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The NFL hasn’t made its decision on a possible suspension for Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt yet, but it sounds like the Titans aren’t letting that get in the way of making their own call on Britt.

With the cut to 53 players rapidly approaching, the team has to decide whether or not Britt’s knee is healthy enough for him to take on an active role with the team. Based on what coach Mike Munchak said Tuesday, the team has already decided that it is time to get Britt off the PUP list and back on the field.

“We feel he’s done what we liked,” Munchak said, via John Glennon of the Tennessean. “We’re hoping the next couple days we can make that decision and get him out here working, and then let the league do what it has to do.”

Munchak also said that the team would like to know Britt’s fate with the league ahead of Friday’s deadline because it could impact the decisions they make about who makes the 53-man roster. If Britt is suspended, the Titans won’t have to cut a player they might like to keep and the suspension would serve as a pseudo-PUP list to give Britt’s knee a little extra time. Having a healthy and unsuspended Britt would be better, obviously, but it wouldn’t be such a bad way to go given the actual state of affairs.

UPDATE: The Titans announced Britt has been activated from the PUP list on Tuesday evening.

4 responses to “Titans close to activating Britt from PUP list

  1. “Time to get Britt off the PUP list and back on the field.” Keeping someone like this on the roster under ANY circumstances reveals everything one needs to know about the Titans and, in the end, the NFL. The Titans have no interest in sending any kind of message about a player’s character or conduct other than “ability that is rare can be cashed in at the at the Turk’s office for a roster spot.” All the Titans seem to be concerned about is figuring the best way to manipulate the PUP list. As cravenly as this mantra is for the individual team, it is in play because everyone knows that the rest of the teams making up the NFL are equally, if not more craven due to the fact that any number of the righteous members would trip over themselves signing this punk, rather than sending their own messages about the importance of at least SOME vestige of appropriate citizenship to go with those world class skills. Well, perhaps in the end, the team who ends up with Britt will ultimately have all the egg on its face, as they are getting someone even MORE enabled to boldly offend at will. After all, the lesson taught here is that for the select few, there really IS no end to the length of rope given to hang oneself…unless, or until that member of the select few slows down a touch due to injuries or ages a little bit. Course neither of those will EVER happen to Kenny eh? No matter, as I’m sure all the folks who enabled this jerk over the years will be eager to insure his continuing success in the real world when he retires…won’t they?

  2. Dude, settle down. Life isn’t fair, get over it.

    As far as Britt’s suspension goes, he will get 2-3 games which I actually think is a good thing. I’d like to see him not rush back & have that extra time to be fully healed.

  3. As a Vikings fan, anything less than a three game suspension for this idiot is unacceptable (I’m not saying that as a knock on the Titans organization or Britt’s talent) But Jerome Simpson – Vikings WR – is suspended for three games after pleading guilty to possession of marijuana, but has had an absolutely incident-free record prior to. Meanwhile, Britt has received warning, after warning from the commissioner and he continued to break the law. He was arrested in April on three counts (one a felony) of evading police with a vehicle and then in June was charged with resisting arrest, and his most recent a DWI in July. That’s THREE arrests while in the NFL and evidently he’s had seven previous arrests all together. Dude is an absolute moron, albeit with immense talent, but he deserves to be suspended for more than three games.

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