Braylon Edwards sees “better things” in Russell Wilson

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Receiver Braylon Edwards played for the Jets when quarterback Mark Sanchez started as a rookie.  Edwards now plays for the Seahawks, who will be starting Russell Wilson as a rookie.

So how do they compare?

I see better things,” Edwards said of Wilson, via Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports.  “It’s like I said after the Chiefs game — it’s his approach.  It’s very veteran-like.  He studies film; he breaks it down.  He doesn’t approach it like a rookie, and he’s not looking for excuses.  He’s very impressive.”

The implication, of course, is that Sanchez didn’t do those things.  Or perhaps he didn’t do them as well as Wilson.

Regardless, the compliment for Wilson was a back-handed slap at Sanchez, who capped his rookie year by serving up an 80-yard catch-and-run to Edwards.

19 responses to “Braylon Edwards sees “better things” in Russell Wilson

  1. Somewhere right now, Rex Ryan is making Sanchez & Tebow watch Wilson’s highlights vs. the Chiefs.

    “See that? Why can’t you guys do that?”

  2. “He studies film; he breaks it down. He doesn’t approach it like a rookie, and he’s not looking for excuses.”

    Hopefully, Braylon Edward will do the same for the Seahawks…..

  3. You guys are always trying to start conflict aren’t you? A “Back handed slap at Sanchez”??

    Maybe it was more a compliment to Wilson, then a shot at Sanchez. Being a rookie in the NFL is tough, especially if you play Quarterback. This site is starting to turn into nothing but a tabloid.

    How about some real news for a change?

  4. Wow. An NFL player complements his current QB while criticizing his former team’s, which he has no chance of going back to, QB.

    That’s unheard of!

  5. Braylon is apparently still upset the Jets didnt resign him after 2 straight trips to the AFC Championship Game…..Sadly, as a Jets fan so am I….to think we dropped him for Holmes….

  6. Let’s not forget that Wilson started all four years in college compared to Sanchez’s 16 games. I would expect him to look a bit more comfortable at this point. I’ll wait a few years before comparing the two, thank you.

  7. I remember Braylon Edwards when he played for Cleveland. He was immature, always in trouble off the field, and couldn’t hold on to a football thrown his way.

    The only surprising thing about this article is he held onto a pass for an eighty yard touchdown.

    What a prima donna that has never produced.
    Be ready Seahawks for a short love affair.

  8. jimmysee says: Aug 29, 2012 8:26 AM

    We knew Russell Wilson had “it” last year watching him at Wisconsin.

    More like at State, when he actually played against great defenses like Florida State.

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