Bills owner Ralph Wilson hospitalized, in good condition


Bills owner Ralph Wilson has been hospitalized, but is listed in good condition, according to Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News.

The 93-year-old owner wasn’t scheduled to be at tonight’s game anyway, even though his team is playing the Lions near his home in Grosse Point Shores, Mich.

His last public appearance was at the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this month, but he hasn’t been a regular at his own games.

Wilson, who has struggled with balance in recent years, was also hospitalized in May 2011 after breaking his hip in a fall at his home. That caused him to miss all but one Bills game last season, an October game against the Jets.

We wish Wilson a speedy recovery.

10 responses to “Bills owner Ralph Wilson hospitalized, in good condition

  1. I hope for a full recovery…seems like a class guy. With my lifestyle I can only dream of 93.
    Although my dad is 87 & going strong.

  2. I wish Ralph a speedy recovery.

    As for the comment about when we played the Jets. It wasn’t October. It was November 6th. We lost 27-11. I know this because this was the day I deployed to the desert (watched the game via Sunday Ticket To-Go while in the terminal) and started our losing streak.

  3. I hope this is just another bump in the road for him, the Bills need to bring home the Lombardi trophy for him while he is still with us. It would be a damn shame if he goes to the great football field in the sky before finally being able to see a championship brought to the great City of Buffalo. Get well soon Ralph, we will be praying for your return to Ralph Wilson Stadium. #BillsMafia

  4. It is good to see the positive comments on here, not a typical occurrence in comment sections these days. With that said, we need to get that stadium lease deal done with Erie County… pronto!

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