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It’s a big day at PFT, for two reasons


Despite bounties and concussions and lawsuits and every other controversy imaginable, the NFL continues to drive interest like nothing else.

The latest piece of evidence comes from the fact that the day on which teams cut from 75 to 53 players has generated traffic that rivals the first day of the draft.

At there’s still plenty of time left.  Final cuts aren’t due until 9:00 p.m. ET, and it’s all hands on deck for the duration.

That said, one set of hands needs to tap out soon.  The high school football season kicks off tonight for Florio Jr., who’s now in the 10th grade, closing in on 16, strong enough to claim Alpha Male status in the household (then again, that happened four years ago), and starting tonight at left tackle and defensive end for Notre Dame High School.

I’ll be in touch with the rest of the crew, directing traffic and harvesting information.  But the main priority tonight will be to balance pride and worry and the joy and sadness that comes from seeing that kid you used to toss into the air quickly and inevitably becoming a man.

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24 Responses to “It’s a big day at PFT, for two reasons”
  1. trollhammer20 says: Aug 31, 2012 5:33 PM

    The visitors here love to give you grief, but….enjoy your weekend, and enjoy watching your son play. Hope he and his team do well.

  2. phillyphever says: Aug 31, 2012 5:34 PM

    Comes with getting old Mike. They can’t be kids forever.

  3. ottawabrave91 says: Aug 31, 2012 5:36 PM

    I played against smaller kids in college than your son Florio. What are you feeding the kid?

  4. sasattack says: Aug 31, 2012 5:37 PM

    Remind him…”don’t hit the head, don’t use the head”!

  5. marygratton18 says: Aug 31, 2012 5:39 PM

    Don’t worry. These days the kiddos just move back into their childhood bedrooms indeffinitely after graduating college.

  6. blacknole08 says: Aug 31, 2012 5:40 PM

    I know you are a proud father and we give you a hard time, but it’s all in good fun. Good luck to your kid tonight and see ya when you get back.

  7. nineroutsider says: Aug 31, 2012 5:40 PM

    Well said…you are making me rethink my “Leave the Children Behind” policy that my wife and I enacted before we ever got married.

  8. fukallusernamesaretaken says: Aug 31, 2012 5:43 PM

    DE and LT, smart kid. Good luck!

  9. redzona says: Aug 31, 2012 5:44 PM

    PFT, DFB or DTF just keep the news coming

  10. madmanleo says: Aug 31, 2012 5:47 PM

    I have years to go before my son hits that age. I think I’ll enjoy tossing him in the air a few more years. That being said, don’t slack on the news.

  11. pioniere says: Aug 31, 2012 5:52 PM

    Good luck! Be the hammer, not the nail!!

  12. johnnylightning13 says: Aug 31, 2012 5:52 PM

    Hey Mike! How exciting and at the same time melancholy. Best of luck to you and Mike Jr.

  13. voiceofreasonsays says: Aug 31, 2012 5:56 PM

    Kid looks like a winner meaning he’ll play for the Redskins in 6 years.

  14. johnnybaggadonuts says: Aug 31, 2012 6:03 PM

    That’s awesome Mike!! Enjoy!

  15. sgtr0c says: Aug 31, 2012 6:05 PM

    Don’t always agree with your thought, but enjoy, good luck, and hey, a left tackle, maybe you won’t have to write stories for humps like me someday, LT’s get paid. Enjoy the holiday to you and too all, Happy Labor Day!

  16. cosanostra71 says: Aug 31, 2012 6:08 PM

    good luck to Notre Dame High School.

  17. mrpilsner says: Aug 31, 2012 6:13 PM

    Go for it, Young Florio! Best years of your life are right in front of you; your team, teammates, mixing it up in the trenches, winning and losing and next week’s game….

  18. txxxchief says: Aug 31, 2012 6:32 PM

    Good luck to Jr.! Those were great years playing on Friday night!

  19. joemammy says: Aug 31, 2012 6:33 PM

    Who’s gonna call the game? The refs are probably beat from working for the NFL last weekend.

  20. jg725 says: Aug 31, 2012 6:40 PM

    Don’t always agree with you florio – but congrats to you and jr. – hope he has an awesome season!

  21. meytonpanning says: Aug 31, 2012 7:35 PM

    Kid looks like a beast.

  22. scroton says: Aug 31, 2012 8:03 PM

    Future Tebow.

  23. suicidalionsfan says: Sep 1, 2012 12:03 AM

    No kids in our home. Realize how lucky you are and cherish

  24. footballer4ever says: Sep 1, 2012 1:15 AM

    meytonpanning said : “Kid looks like a beast.”

    Like father, like son. Oh! Was that a hidden insult or a genuine compliment . ROTFLOL….

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