Jaguars announce roster cuts two-and-a-half hours late


The Jacksonville Jaguars made everyone wait for their roster cuts Friday night, delaying them for nearly three hours after the 9 p.m. cut-down deadline. No explanation was offered.

Our earlier post on the Jaguars’ cuts pinpointed nine players who’d been waived or released, as uncovered by Vito Stellino of the Florida Times Union. The rest were withheld nearly into the wee hours.

The remaining cuts are as follows:

Safety Courtney Greene, defensive lineman Corvey Irvin, cornerback Leigh Torrence, wide receiver Demetrius Williams, offensive lineman Daniel Baldridge, defensive lineman Kendrick Adams, wide receiver Mike Brown, defensive end Ryan Davis, cornerback Antonio Dennard, guard D.J. Hall, linebacker Joshua Jones, and fullback Will Ta’ufo’ou.

Additionally, guard Will Rackley (ankle) was placed on season-ending injured reserve.

We know. That was well worth the wait.

22 responses to “Jaguars announce roster cuts two-and-a-half hours late

  1. Makes no sense.
    I assume that had to report all cuts to the league office by the deadline for the other 31 teams to know or else there should be some sort of penalty. Like maybe they cannot claim anyone off waivers, or they get moved to the last of the waiver list.

  2. They weren’t required to announce until 11:30pm. For a “pro-football” site, you would think you would know this.

    And this team is going to surprise a lot of people. Trendy pick for people to call the dead last, but even with Gabbert as a rookie, they were in just every game last year, and lost many of them by a TD or less.

    Can’t wait to see everybody eating crow!

  3. Nothing against the team at all, but the reality is they are very unlikely to be successful this year. No MJD, at least for a while. New coach. Second year QB who played poorly last year. No major receiving threats. The good news is that perhaps Mularkey and Khan can get things turned around eventually.

  4. Not a jag fan but watched their 1’s in a couple preseason games. Gabbert is way better than last year and they have a good back up running back and strong Defense. Texans take the division but Jags could be a wild card team this year.

  5. Amazing how many under informed and/or just plain dumb football fans there are out there. SAVE THIS POST. If the Jags finish last I will kiss everyone’s butt on this thread. Please please please just stop listening to what espn says. I mean how often do they get it right. BG is better, new receivers, much better offensive scheme, better coaching, even better D now with additions (6th overall last year). Why in the hell would Jags finish last????

  6. If you actually watched our games last year, you would see like a precious poster said we were in nearly all games. Lost to Pitt by 4 at Pitt, Texans by 7. If we’re so bad how come we’re not getting blown out. I argue that if we had a punter last year we ‘could’ have won 2 more games as well. We may not win AFC south, I pick Texans, but objectively I wouldn’t be surprised if we were in a running for wild card and a winning season. 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 would be the high side. Just sayin….Go Jags

  7. Kick rocks Jag haters! It’s us against the world, so keep on hating, it only makes us even MORE passionate Jag fans than we already are! Go Jags!

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