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Mike Shanahan: Redskins’ starting running back is a secret


Redskins coach Mike Shanahan knows who his starting running back is going to be this season. But he isn’t telling.

Shanahan said at his press conference today that he has a first choice among the three running backs on his roster (2011 fourth-round pick Roy Helu, 2011 sixth-round pick Evan Royster and 2012 sixth-round pick Alfred Morris), but he considers the question of which one of them will be the primary ball carrier when the Redskins open the season against the Saints to be a secret.

During his years with the Broncos, Shanahan had a great track record of selecting running backs in the later rounds of the draft and getting production out of them. In Washington he hasn’t been quite as successful on that front yet, but all three of the young running backs on the roster have shown promise. One of those three may just turn out to be one of the league’s leading rushers, as Shanahan had so often with the Broncos, but if Shanahan is expecting that from one of his running backs, he’s not saying which one.

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38 Responses to “Mike Shanahan: Redskins’ starting running back is a secret”
  1. djaehne says: Sep 1, 2012 4:36 PM

    They can’t say because they haven’t selected the
    star running back off of waivers.

  2. andyreidsbossoms says: Sep 1, 2012 4:39 PM

    Rat face

  3. blackqbwhiterb says: Sep 1, 2012 4:39 PM

    Helu…….gonna be Helu, straight to the ProBowl

  4. clint7lipke says: Sep 1, 2012 4:39 PM

    I’ll guess Royster. I like Helu better, but it just seems Shanahan wants to give EVERY opportunity possible to Royster.

  5. skoobyfl says: Sep 1, 2012 4:39 PM

    RGIII, no secret.

  6. krakyahead says: Sep 1, 2012 4:43 PM

    Seasoned fantasy owners don’t care we learned long ago not to draft any Rb under Shenanigans you more likely to see the water boy starting every week than someone in your starting lineup.

  7. blacknole08 says: Sep 1, 2012 4:43 PM

    Running back by committee or whoever has the hot hand.

  8. sportsmeccabi says: Sep 1, 2012 4:49 PM

    Alfred Morris was awesome this preseason and shanahan benched the starters for the 4th game, including Morris.
    So we still don’t know who the starter is because Shanahan hates football fans who play fantasy.

  9. onegamedoesnotaseasonmake says: Sep 1, 2012 4:49 PM

    won’t matter as they very likely will all stink…

  10. jwreck says: Sep 1, 2012 4:55 PM

    Making fun of Shanahan’s style, as far as naming starters goes, is totally valid, but making fun of the crop of talent he has to pick from is simply ignorant. Not one tailback currently on the Washington roster has ever rushed for less than 100 yards in a regular season game he has started.

  11. cush2push says: Sep 1, 2012 4:57 PM

    I am so glad he picked Washington over Buffalo its FredEX no its Spiller no Lynch No its the UdFa

  12. jason49er says: Sep 1, 2012 5:01 PM

    We got an 11 man bench in one of my leagues, I got Royster and Slaton (was rumored to washington). Hoping I win the Shanahan sweepstakes.

  13. keithbangedyermom says: Sep 1, 2012 5:03 PM

    Yessir…..fantasy players take a gamble rostering a Shanahan RB, that’s for sure.

  14. vuudu says: Sep 1, 2012 5:04 PM

    Shanahan reminds me of Master Splinter for some reason. The young ones here will not know what that is.

  15. eafeagles says: Sep 1, 2012 5:06 PM

    Didn’t he do this secret thing with the QB positions last year. That worked well. Hey guess… No one cares

  16. gpete1962 says: Sep 1, 2012 5:08 PM

    I think the Shanahan’s should be checked for concussions.

    who does he think he is Rex Ryan?

  17. fmwarner says: Sep 1, 2012 5:17 PM

    However, it is no secret at all that it’ll be a different guy by Week 3.

  18. jimnaizeeum says: Sep 1, 2012 5:20 PM

    “During his years with the Broncos, Shanahan had a great track record of selecting running backs in the later rounds of the draft and getting production out of them.”
    It might be a bit easier to get good production from running backs when Elway is the quarterback….just saying.

  19. mancave001 says: Sep 1, 2012 5:28 PM

    NFL Fans: “How Mike Shanahan still has a job is a secret.”

  20. deshackle says: Sep 1, 2012 5:39 PM

    I would’ve respected him a lot more had he cut Rexx Grossman.

  21. walter0247 says: Sep 1, 2012 6:02 PM

    It might be a bit easier to get good production from running backs when Elway is the quarterback….just saying.


    wow your ignorance is insightful! please tell me more about how you have not a clue of what you’re talking about!!! 😀

  22. MichaelEdits says: Sep 1, 2012 6:17 PM

    The new coach’s identity is probably a secret too

  23. dalucks says: Sep 1, 2012 6:24 PM

    The secret is Mike Shanahan does not know and that is why he cannot tell you. The countdown to his firing has begun. His next job will be with the NBC Sports Network or with Profootballtalk.

  24. voiceofreasonsays says: Sep 1, 2012 6:52 PM

    Folks are just envious of our running attack and speed overall. My advice? Deal with it.

  25. joeytorontosucks says: Sep 1, 2012 7:27 PM

    The secret is that its Steve Slaton not currently on the roster…

  26. backinblack67 says: Sep 1, 2012 8:32 PM

    Rat face – Elway = suck

  27. dcsuperfan says: Sep 1, 2012 8:35 PM

    For what it’s worth, Royster is listed as the starter on the depth chart on the team website, which was updated after the cuts last night. Whoever is the starter will be productive as they are all talented and Shanahan likes to have a feature back as long as they are healthy and performing. if they get hurt or start to slump, next man up.

  28. bhester1906 says: Sep 1, 2012 9:05 PM

    It’s funny how this is a headline. I mean a coach doesnt want to tell big deal…

  29. wjmoffatt says: Sep 1, 2012 10:09 PM

    Evan Royster

  30. hulkh0gansays says: Sep 1, 2012 10:44 PM

    It’s no secret that without an already talented John Elway he’d be just as acclaimed as his other former star QB Sexy Rexy.

  31. latenightroach says: Sep 1, 2012 10:51 PM

    It’s no secret that Shanahan’s nickname is “Shanarat”.

  32. firstand4ever says: Sep 1, 2012 11:00 PM

    Shanahan’s starting running back is “Hey You Get In There”.

  33. themightywhitey says: Sep 1, 2012 11:11 PM


  34. muklodge says: Sep 1, 2012 11:18 PM

    Alfred Morris!!!!

  35. fuzzynuts55 says: Sep 2, 2012 12:49 AM

    Skins fans are always want to believe.. 8-8 nerds!

  36. propjoe718 says: Sep 2, 2012 5:04 AM

    It’s no secret the Redskins are not a factor in the NFL

  37. baddegg says: Sep 2, 2012 6:56 AM

    In other news, shanahan is not phoning the saints staff with his detailed game plan for their upcoming game. In response posters on the Internet say this shows he’s a lousy coach.

  38. pastorbobs says: Sep 2, 2012 7:32 AM

    Alfred Morris; here’s why. Morris is not only a one cut back with speed and power, he leans forward and gets the extra yard.

    Also he is very good in pass protection. His pass blocking is what will give him the nod.

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