David Wilson: I wasn’t crying after I fumbled


Some Giants fans might have felt like crying while watching their team lose to the Cowboys on Wednesday night, but Giants rookie running back David Wilson said he shed no tears during the game.

Although some reporters said they saw Wilson crying on the sideline after he was benched for fumbling, Wilson said today that that’s not the case.

“Nah, I wasn’t crying but I was definitely upset,’’ Wilson told the New York Post. “But, I think it would have been a lot worse if I was smiling or feeling good about it. I am passionate about the game and I know that is something I have been working on and not wanting to do and for it to happen on my second carry in the opening game, I was highly disappointed.”

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said he was impressed by the fact that Wilson felt remorse for his fumble.

“On the sidelines he was very upset about what happened – I did give him credit for that,” Coughlin said. “He was deeply, deeply sorry about what happened. Unfortunately it happened.”

Wilson had a reputation for a fumbling problem at Virginia Tech, and he isn’t happy that he now has one fumble in two career carries in the NFL. But he wasn’t sad enough to cry.

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  1. Crying not crying–so what. Tom Coughlin is lucky to have this guy. I think it’s great this kid cares so much. Good for you kid. You’ll get after it next game.

  2. High and Tight! Coach will get that corrected just like Tiki. The giants will be fine….As we all know it’s not how you start the season, It’s how you FINISH!

  3. The boys just played better on that night against a dam good team! As a die hard long time cowboys fan, keep your head up young man put it behind u and move on.

  4. I saw it on tv and made a comment to my friend about it …so unless he had something in his eye … He was crying.. He’s passionate about the game no shame in that.

  5. Of course there is crying in football. Every week. So what. Kid just didn’t have the white crying towel handy to drape over his head.

  6. I think he should just admit it. I respect the fact that he was so passionate about it and didn’t just shrug it off as “no big thing”. He realizes the chances he has and knows when he blows one.

  7. I forgot just how Eli was until watching that game last night. Without a great defense and two lucky catches, this guy barely breaks the top 10 in QB.

  8. Whether or not the guy was crying he was obviously upset that he fumbled. I don’t know which media members decided to out his alleged crying but they should be ashamed of themselves.

    I hope they never get a meaningful interview or quote out of him for the next ten years.

  9. He said. He is passionate about the game.
    Man up you lil bitch you were crying on national tv. Millions of people seen you
    These dude’s are soft azz bitches crying like a lil girl because you dropped the damm ball

  10. The correct answer is….your damn right I was crying because I am that passionate about this team and winning. I won’t let you down again. Just man up to the truth

  11. If he wasn’t crying he needs to see the team doc about his eyes leaking.
    Sorry bud, we all have HD TV’s…you were crying.
    There’s no shame in crying. There is shame in trying to lie about it.

  12. I have a Samsung 55″ LED TV and a DirecTV HD box and that said he was crying. He looked like he was about to cry when he came off the field. He kept his his helmet on because he was crying.

    There’s no crying in baseball…err, football. Not for crying after a fumble in game one. Now pull an Earnest Byner and then cry.

  13. I would have liked to see Tom give the kid a chance to bounce back and recover. He’s a rookie after all in the first game on one of the biggest stages. just sayin.
    go panthers

  14. Man up girlyman! Can anyone imagine any of the greats crying over a fumble? Jack Lambert, Chuck Bednarick, Dick Butkis? Even Joes Theismann didnt cry when LT ripped his leg in half. Its coming..NFFL (National Flag Football League)

  15. How is this a headline? Of course Wilson says he wasn’t crying. The actual news story would be “David Wilson: I was crying after I fumbled”. Of course, that story would be immediately followed by “Steve Weatherford tweets video of Jason Pierre-Paul dumping David Wilson in the middle of Antarctica”.

  16. giantsfanlewis says: Sep 6, 2012 8:12 PM


    How about your franchise make it to as many superbowls as Eli has won before you start talking about his picks


    uhhhhhh, they have, silly

  17. Crying because you fumbled is pouting. Crying because your team lost a game is passion. Don’t confuse the two. Tom Coughlin didn’t, and that’s why he took this kid out.

  18. I know David, you weren’t crying; you were just cutting onions when you came off the field! It’s not that serious dawg, it’s okay to cry…the NFL for you can mean: Not For Long(as in your career) if you don’t get this issue addressed quickly! Adding to the number of great backs with a fumble issue=out of the league!

  19. The giants looked terrible as a team. But don’t they always and somehow win 2 recent superbowls lol. Pisses me off in fantasy ; Eli, Cruz and the Defense didn’t do much for my ff team. Jerks lol

  20. I saw the tear start from inside corner of his right eye and flow perfectly underneath the eye. Coughlin knew he was so distraught he said “it’s okay” to him. Facts r Facts! Nice seeing the kid cared but he has to learn to control his emotions.

  21. It’s all fun and games until we win the super bowl. Check ur your teams b4 you post. You wish you had the class the giants organization had. The cowboys played a solid fundamental game last night. We dropped passes didn’t run the ball and had a nicked up secondary. Nonetheless we were still in it. Eagles fans shut your mouth! U have a lot to prove before you can speak. Cowboy fans just get it done u have a lot of talent. We’ll see you in the playoffs at 9-7. Redskins who?

  22. First off who cares if he was crying he if he was so be it he will learn not to wear his feelings in public. I would rather have a rookie cry then fight dogs or make tv ads.

    Now for the Philly fans a reminder for you Eli has won 2 more super bowls then your team ever has.

    And for you fine folks in Dallas Eli has won more Super Bowls then Romo has won playoff games.

    As a lifetime fan of the Giants I have no idea if they will make the playoffs this year.

    But if not I will not be too upset as in 5 years they have not just made the playoffs 3 times they have also WON the Super Bowl twice.
    Other then Pitt can anyone else do that ?

    It is not how you start the race but how you finish

  23. Shake it off, kid. It’s one play in one game. You’ll redeem yourself, and become a standout before long. And we’ll all be glad you wear the Blue!

  24. “I like the kids passion. I’ll take a couple of tears over a lazy punk.”

    Thats good because you have both. Stone Hands Bennett has his first and last TD of the year. He showed his true colors when he flat out dropped that 3rd down pass on the sidelines. Coach Coughlin has a history of benching butter fingered running backs and he stuck to it. Did DJ Ware have a history of fumbling? I actually thought he was pretty good.

  25. Hey at least he’ll go out there and try hard to improve his game. Looks like he has a good work ethic and that is a good trait to have in a young running back. Better to fumble early in the first game than pull a Kyle Williams, poor guy that must of sucked.

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