Giants removed Wilson from offense after first-quarter fumble

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Giants first-round pick David Wilson appeared as though he’d be a big part of New York’s offense early in Wednesday night’s NFL opener. Wilson had earned it. He averaged nearly 4.7 yards per carry in the preseason, showing dynamic running ability that seemingly could add another dimension to Eli Manning’s supporting cast.

On his second carry midway through the first quarter against the Cowboys, though, Wilson was stripped of the football by linebacker Sean Lee. Wilson returned two kickoffs thereafter, but he didn’t play another offensive snap.

“It’s hard to put it behind you if that’s the last play you can remember,” Wilson said after the game, per Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger. “But I understand the coaches. I know I don’t have much room for error being a rookie and then to have a critical error like that, like a turnover. You live and you learn and move forward.”

Wilson built a reputation as a fumbler in college, putting the ball on the ground seven times as a junior at Virginia Tech and losing four of them. He made it through the entire preseason without a fumble, but wasn’t holding the football tightly enough against his body when Lee popped the ball loose.

Wilson is now hoping to regain the coaching staff’s trust in the ten-day period between Wednesday night’s opener and next week’s game against the Buccaneers. All he can do is protect the ball in practice.

“I don’t know,” Wilson said. “I got to come up with something, though. I just have to go out and practice well.”

20 responses to “Giants removed Wilson from offense after first-quarter fumble

  1. I genuinely felt bad for the kid. When they pulled him out he was crying on the sideline. Hopefully they’ll give him more opportunities and he can break the reputation he’s earned.

  2. Wilson was literally crying on the sideline. That, more than anything, is what kept him out of the game. He couldn’t get past it.

  3. The Giants better hope they can fix his fumble problems because that offense really looks like it needs his talent.

  4. I was happy about the turn over, but then I saw Wilson’s face and felt bad. He looked like he was about to cry.

  5. What a sissy crying on the sideline lol. Suck it up be a man shake it off and carry on. I think it wasn’t the fumble I think it was te fact lee slammed him on the ground so very hard.

  6. Didnt Bradshaw also fumble (but the Giants recovered)??

    You gotta let him get another shot… Too much talent to be sitting on the sideline…

    Bradshaw didn’t cry like a wee little girl, unlike Wilson

  7. Wilson’ll be fine. The Cruz drops were a more significant factor to the L. Barden and Randle are ready to take your job. Step it up Vic!

  8. Wilson’s fumble was the least of giants problems, how about all the drops, 3 by cruz. Bradshaw also fumbled but giants recovers it back. Even eli missed on a few plays, and their defense didn’t play great. No doubt they’ll look at the films throughout the week and have these problems fix by week 2.

  9. Overall the G Men looked like a team playing without focus and hunger, typical of a returning Super Bowl champ.
    Cruz drops, RB fumbles, yes, but what about the sloppy tackling on Murray that turned a 2 yard loss into a 50 yard gain?

  10. Not sure why you say “even Eli”, he had a MUCH better game last night than his career numbers show and if you count the drops, he was off the charts. He’s never had a season with a passer rating of 94.9 before, but he does now. For the moment anyway.

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