Bills fear David Nelson suffered serious knee injury

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Losing 48-28 in the first game of the season is a tough pill to swallow.

It’s even tougher when it comes with a side dish of injury. That’s what Buffalo is dealing with after spotting the Jets a 41-7 lead en route to Sunday’s loss. Running back Fred Jackson and wide receiver David Nelson both left the game with knee injuries and the news on Nelson doesn’t sound good.

Nelson got hurt when making a cut away from the play in the fourth quarter and did not return to the game. After the contest, coach Chan Gailey said that the team fears Nelson has suffered a serious injury.

“Fred doesn’t look as bad as David,” Gailey said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “We don’t know how bad David is, but it doesn’t look good right now.”

Graham reports that the team believes Jackson suffered a sprain, although both players have dates scheduled with the MRI machine. C.J. Spiller’s strong performance lessens some of the blow if Jackson is forced to miss much time as a result of the injury.

Nelson was Buffalo’s second-leading receiver last year with 61 catches for 658 yards and five touchdowns. He had two catches for 31 yards on Sunday. The Bills only had four full-time receivers on their 53-man roster coming into Sunday’s game and rookie T.J. Graham was inactive against the Jets.

UPDATE 7:20 p.m. ET: PFT has learned that the Bills believe Nelson has a torn ACL.

11 responses to “Bills fear David Nelson suffered serious knee injury

  1. Plaxico Burress. You talked big all offseason Buffalo, and I warned you Mario Williams was not a difference maker to the level you were paying him. Time to back it up.

  2. I really hope both Freddie and David are ok. Two guys that came into the league as relative unknowns and have proven to be very effective players and team leaders.

    Bad day getting worse…’s to a speedy recovery guys

  3. Get yo’ popcorn ready! It’s time to bring TO back to Buffalo.

    I’d be flabbergasted if it doesn’t happen.

  4. Hope he’s okay. But this is what the league wanted. If defenders can’t hit you high, they will hit you low. And this will be the result far more often than before.

  5. Anybody else think the hit on Jackson was kind of low? Not saying cheap but seemed kind of low too.. Well the good news for the jets is that they scored 48 points. Bad news is that they got run all over…cj spiller is a stud

  6. That’s a shame you really hate to see things like this happen to anyone no matter who you’re a fan of…Hopefully they’ll both be okay and the Bills might be wrong on Nelson and the MRI will show something less serious…Jackson’s hit looked really bad though I thought for sure it was gonna be a ligament tear the way his knee buckled but glad to see it wasn’t serious

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