Texans use Tannehill picks to shrug off slow start


Predictions of a Texans blowout starting from the opening whistle proved to be incorrect.

The Dolphins defense did a strong job on the Texans early, including two sacks from Randy Starks, but they couldn’t bail out Ryan Tannehill after all of the rookie’s three interceptions. The first led to a field goal thanks to a strong hold by the defense, but Arian Foster ran in a touchdown from 14 yards out after Tannehill was picked a second time. J.J. Watt tipped a pass into the air, his second tip of the game, and Brian Cushing waited until it fluttered back toward Earth to set up the Texans offense.

Matt Schaub, who has been victimized by drops during an inaccurate half, found Andre Johnson for a sizable gain to set up Foster’s touchdown. Tannehill came back into the game and Watt knocked another pass into the air and it was picked off by Kareem Jackson. A pass interference call on Richard Marshall gave the Texans the ball on the one and Foster punched it in for his second touchdown in a matter of minutes.

Tannehill got off to a decent start hitting things underneath and relying on a strong run game to move the ball. The tipped passes are troubling, however, and we’re probably going to get a look at how Tannehill does when forced to rip things loose now that Miami’s down big.

And then the roof caved in. Running back Daniel Thomas fumbled the ball away after a shot from Glover Quin and the Dolphins suddenly had turnovers on four straight possessions. Thomas was shaken up on the play, they’re calling it a head injury, and the whole Dolphins team is looking more than a little shaky after Johnson caught a touchdown from Schaub.

Just like that it is 24-3 and the blowout many thought was coming may actually be underway.

UPDATE 2:50 p.m. ET: Thomas is being evaluated for a concussion. He won’t return.

8 responses to “Texans use Tannehill picks to shrug off slow start

  1. “Predictions of a Texans blowout starting from the opening whistle proved to be incorrect.”

    No they weren’t. The score was 3-3 until the last 5 minutes of the half. Unless the game started near halftime… W R O N G. lol

  2. 3 picks and he’s getting surprised into fumbles by the snap (!) and misdirected handoffs….

    again… Tannehill is not ready and he’s behind paper thin protection…. if he gets seriously hurt in garbage learning time, how does that help the team?

    If Marino can hold Woodley’s clipboard for 5 games, Tannehill can hold Moore’s for a couple…..

  3. Miami has one question to answer this season. They need to find out if Tannehill is the answer at QB because this team will be holding the #1 pick in next year’s draft. If he does not inprove by the end of the season they need to double up and draft Barkley.

  4. For all those times Philbin said “Nice throw, Devlin!” and “Good Job, Matt”, what does he have? He has Tannehill out there making a mess outta things. The one QB who showed NOTHING in the preseason. Explain that logic to me, please.

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