Dolphins add another DT to try to shore up middle


The Dolphins brought back defensive tackle Ryan Baker, addressing a concern about depth in the middle of their line.

Baker was part of of the Dolphins final cuts, after spending parts of the last three seasons with the team.

But with Tony McDaniel still struggling with a leg injury, the Dolphins needed a body and Baker was still available.

The Dolphins had the roster spot for him after waiving rookie linebacker Sammy Brown, who was claimed off waivers last week.

They also signed defensive tackle Chas Alecxih to the practice squad, to replace wide receiver Chris Hogan.

8 responses to “Dolphins add another DT to try to shore up middle

  1. 30 days ago they had Garrard, Johnson, Vontae Davis, and 12M of cap room….

    today they have about 6m and are signing middle line from the practice squad….


  2. They haven’t had $12 million in cap room the entire offseason thats why they didn’t have the money to chase some of the big free agents. The only reason they went after Manning is because they were willing to make some moves to get him on the team. This team is rebuilding…finally after all the years of band aid fixes. Wait until next year if Long struggles with injuries all year, he won’t be on the team any longer either because his cap number is so high from the old rookie signings before the new agreement came into effect this year.

  3. tedmurph says: Sep 12, 2012 11:39 AM

    What happened to that poster thet said the dolphins had the best DL in the league?


    Why don’t you ask the consensus Superbowl contender Houston Texans who just averaged 2.4 yards per carry in 35 attempts – with 5 TFL’s what they think about it?

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