Eagles’ new practice restrictions comply with league rules


Thursday’s report regarding new media restrictions at Eagles practice created some questions as to whether the revised approach meshes with league rules.

The Eagles will remain in complete compliance with what the league requires.

As explained by team spokesman Derek Boyko, the Eagles previously would fully open Thursday and Friday practice to reporters, which goes well beyond NFL requirements.  Now, the access on Thursday and Friday will be the same as it has been on Wednesday, with the media able to observe individual drills only.  When the team portion of practice begins, the media gets the boot.

That’s what the NFL requires — access for the first 30 minutes of practice or until the start of “team” work.

The Eagles for all of Andy Reid’s tenure with the team had been in the small minority of franchises that open all of a given practice to the media.  Now, out of the blue, it’s all changing.

While the Eagles are fully within their rights, the hard right turn raises several issues/takes/etc., all of which we’ll present during Friday’s PFT Live, which gets started right here at 12:00 p.m. ET.

5 responses to “Eagles’ new practice restrictions comply with league rules

  1. one good week or bad week does . not make a season. yeah the skins won n beat a team without their top two coaches. the newness will wear off n the skins will go.ah with 6-7 win if they r lucky. thru ha e a good hound core for he future, but they r still finishing last this season in the east.

  2. The Eagles would have been a dismal failure this year, even without any help that RGIII and the Skins could provide.

  3. Saints secondary is terrible. I also seem to remember Rex grossman and Jason beating the Saints team three out the last four times . When they had sharper and porter. RG3 looked good but don’t get ahead of yourself. Saints defense is nowhere near as good as the Eagles and he will find that out like you will up close and personal.

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