Eagles take early lead despite another pick for Michael Vick

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The interceptions are continuing for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

After engineering a good-looking opening drive for the Eagles, marching the offense deep into Ravens territory, Vick threw an interception — his league-high fifth interception of the season after throwing four in Week One against the Browns. The pick came after Vick made a great athletic play to scramble to the outside when the pocket broke down, but instead of tucking the ball under his arm and running, Vick threw a bad pass into the end zone, and Bernard Pollard made a diving interception.

Fortunately for the Eagles, the Ravens couldn’t do anything with the ensuing possession: Trent Cole stripped Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco on Flacco’s first dropback and Cullen Jenkins recovered, giving the Eagles great field position.

With that great field position the Eagles got into the end zone on a LeSean McCoy touchdown run, and Philadelphia took an early 7-0 lead.

Now the question is whether Vick — who has already taken several hard hits, including one that got Ed Reed a roughing the passer penalty — can make it through the rest of the game without any more interceptions. Or even make it through a quarter without another interception.

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  1. I’ve been fairly supportive of the replacement refs, but this game might be an instigator to getting the regular refs back. They’re losing control.

    You can’t keep calling offsetting penalties with all the after the whistle crap. That’s not gonna stop it.

  2. Sorry guys, but a RB can’t fumble a ball he was never in possession of. A QB is supposed to look the ball into the basket and if the RB doesn’t get the handle, you don’t let it go. Football 101. Vick gets the fumble.

  3. The announcing in this game is a nice case study on how color commentator bias drives storylines in the NFL.

    Dan Deirdorf in particular is a notorious Steeler hater and he has nit-picked every close hard hit be the Steelers over the last several years. Every time Clark, Harrison etc. lay a good lick on someone Dierdorf is in there moaning and groaning about the illegal hits.

    But the Ravens have taken a number of borderline headshots on defenseless receivers in this game (Pollard and Reed) but all he can do is rave about how great and how hard the hitting is. Celek and Jackon both took big-time shots to the head with NO COMMENTARY from the booth. If they had been Steelers laying those hits it would be all over the news tonight.

    Now I might add parenthetically that I really enjoy this type of hard-hitting game and I have no problem with those hits. But the double standard is hard to take.

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