Gabbert leaves game for Jags with leg injury

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The new, improved Blaine Gabbert didn’t last long, and now he’s hurt to boot.

The Jaguars starting quarterback is done for the day, with backup Chad Henne warming up on the sidelines.

Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union reports that Gabbert has a bag of ice on his left thigh. The Jaguars announced he has a leg injury and won’t return.

The Jags trail 24-7, and Gabbert is 7-of-19 passing for 53 yards. That he got it to a positive number makes it an upgrade on his first half, but Gabbert has looked like the confused rookie of last year at times.

7 responses to “Gabbert leaves game for Jags with leg injury

  1. Gabbert is only coming out of the game because of a leg injury — rrriiiiiiiiggghhhttt.

    Wow, being benched in favor of Chad Henne, embarrassing. But I thought Gabbert had improved so much from last year! LOL That must mean the Texans defense is that great! Sucks to be you, Jags fans!

    Let’s go, TEXANS!

  2. Jags look terrible against the Texans. Gabbert kept throwing the ball low and behind his receivers. They need to find an answer for the QB position. I was tormented for 3 long hrs watching this game. Note to the Jags, qb position and front line.

  3. voiceofreason says “relocate the team” in every post about the Jags. Why is that voiceofreason? Because they played a bad game? That doesn’t sound very “reasonable” to me. Or are you mad because whatever sh*thole you’re from doesn’t have a team? You must be a fan of a team like the Patriots who never have bad years right? Hope you’re not a Redskins fan because if I recall correctly they’re one of the worst run teams of the last decade or so. Maybe they should have been relocated long ago then?

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