Ryan Tannehill gets Dolphins off to a good start


Quarterback Ryan Tannehill celebrated the Dolphins’ home opener by breaking out of the gate with a strong first drive.

Tannehill took the team 80 yards in 12 plays and punctuated it with a two-yard run for the team’s first offensive touchdown of the season. That also means that it is the first touchdown of Tannehill’s NFL career and it gives the Dolphins a 7-0 lead on the Raiders in the first quarter in Miami.

Tannehill’s legs came in handy earlier in the drive as well. He scrambled 12 yards for a first down early in the drive, keeping things alive long enough for the team to ride Reggie Bush down the field. Tannehill also hit Brian Hartline with a 21-yard pass for another first down, one of two completions for the rookie en route to the touchdown. Bush ran for 29 yards and the Dolphins offense looked much better than it did when we last saw it in Houston.

Replicate that enough and Tannehill could be looking at his first victory as an NFL starting quarterback.

3 responses to “Ryan Tannehill gets Dolphins off to a good start

  1. The Raiders will beat the Chargeless on Monday night and sweep the division!!! Oh wait…never mind. Let me try again…the Raiders will blank the Dolphins 42-0!!! Because I’m from Toronto!!!oh wait…never mind that too.

  2. The Raiders offense is horrible this year.
    When the offense is getting booed at home after every weak 3 and out, Knapp will lose play calling duties.
    I’ve seen this show before.

  3. If the Fins are gonna win a game this year, this is the one…

    And speaking of JoeCanadian, how great would it be to watch the Toronto Argonauts smash the Jokeland Faiders in a exhibition USA-Canada football game…

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