Cowboys got banged up at safety on Sunday


The Cowboys might felt insulted by the way the Seahawks pushed them around in Sunday’s 27-7 loss and they definitely wound up injured as a result of the game.

Safety Gerald Sensabaugh said after the game that his calf “popped a little bit” on a Marshawn Lynch touchdown run in the fourth quarter. He had an MRI on Monday and Todd Archer of reports that team sources have told him that Sensabaugh may miss a couple of weeks as a result.

Sensabaugh’s parter Barry Church also left the game with an injury. He hurt his quadriceps early in the game, returned briefly and then sat out the rest of the proceedings. He said he feels he’ll be able to play against the Buccaneers. Sensabaugh said the same thing, though, and it doesn’t look like his self-diagnosis was on the spot.

If both players are out for the Tampa game, the Cowboys would have to turn to Danny McCray and Mana Silva at the position and only McCray and Silva since they have no other healthy safeties on the roster at present. Neither McCray nor Silva has ever started a game before which could leave safety, a trouble spot for the Cowboys in 2011, in shaky hands as the Cowboys play their first home game of the year.

8 responses to “Cowboys got banged up at safety on Sunday

  1. As a cowboys fan, considering that the other 3 teams in the nfc east all lost pro bowl level starts (redskins lost top 2 defensive players) for the season, I’ll take day-to-day on a middle of the pack safety

  2. maybe this will finally force the boys to draft a safety in at least the 2 round.. at least! These undrafted and late round picks arent paying off

  3. The cowboys got banged up all over the field Sunday. Especially Sean Lee after he got owned by the smallest guy on the field. Props to Seattle, Marshawn is a beast and Wilson looked solid. Dallas, you guys have some work to do…

  4. redfield11 says:Sep 18, 2012 2:56 PM

    ray lewis would be owned by the biggest sissy in football if it’s a blindside hit, not a good thing for tate or a bad thing for lee


    How do you even consider that a blindside hit???

    He approached Lee from the front and drilled him right in the chest. There was nothing about that hit that would make anyone think it was a blindside hit. Oh, and read up on the rules it was totally legal.

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