Jerry Jones: People always complain about officials

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been a consistent voice of support of the job being done of the replacement officials and the debacle of a first half in Atlanta on Monday night didn’t do anything to change his mind.

During an appearance on KRLD in Dallas, Jones said that the officials are doing “well” when it comes to limiting violence in the game, which might come as a surprise to those who watched any of the games from Week Two that devolved into unchecked pushing and shoving after almost every whistle. He didn’t go overboard in his praise of their work, though, choosing to focus instead on the fact that people always complain about officiating.

“You’ve got to remember that you’ve got all kinds of complaints at any time about officiating,” Jones said, via “Did you happen to notice that the ones that were complaining the most, if it were from within, were the players and coaches on the losing teams? Hello. I don’t even have to look at the games or the dates on the newspaper, just hand me one from 30 years ago and it’ll be the same thing — they’re complaining about the officiating.”

That might be the case in some years, but it wasn’t the case this weekend. Winners and losers were united in complaints about much more than just the calls that were or weren’t made on the field. The inability of the officials to maintain a semblance of order in many cases was a bigger problem as was the fact that every flag seems to come with extended discussions that make it seem like they are totally overwhelmed by the task at hand. That’s not entirely their fault, anyone would be overwhelmed by trying to do a challenging job that they weren’t ready to fill, but it’s definitely a problem that league needs to address.

It may not be the last time we hear Jones say that it isn’t a problem, though. He said that “it does appear that we’ve got a long way to go” before there’s any settlement in the labor standoff with the union.

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  1. 90% of the complaints i see come from you reporters and media people, the other 8% come from losing players and then another 2% from fans and players on winning teams.

    The media is just using this an an excuse to drum up articles.

  2. Can someone literally answer this question: How do the replacement refs jeapordize the players safety? Did the old refs jump in front of helmet to helmet hits or something?

  3. I’m all for all the articles if it helps get the regular officials back.

    The Monday night game was officiated especially bad… not just bad or missed calls (fumble, pass interference that had to be reviewed) but the sheer amount of time it took for calls to be made, especially previously mentioned fumble.

  4. Jerrah and Jim Irsay are the only two owners who are constantly making appearances and announcing their opinions. No wonder both of their teams are in complete disarray.

  5. Players and coaches are probably going to just see how much they can get away with.

    Holding calls, and PI, I understand both officials miss them, but the scrub officials are missing them at a way worse rate.

    I never thought I would quote Dieon, but he said it the other day.

    “How did you act when a substitute teacher was in?

  6. the problem is the time the replacements are taking. that said, at the end of the day, they are getting nearly all of the calls right (at least they are willing to change their mind after a replay). one of the biggest problems is the lack of respect the players and coaches are showing the replacements. absent throwing half of denver out of the game last night (including the coaches), I’m not sure what else the replacement refs can do on that front. the league should show they mean business and fine all of these coaches and players spouting off. perhaps then the players and coaches will respect them.

    for what’s it worth, the rule requiring every turnover and score to be reviewed is significantly delaying the game. having four turnovers and a TD (and fight that the players and coaches allowed) was the driving factor for the long first quarter yesterday (it was not the only factor though)

  7. There’s been a progression from week to week on the officiating. The players (and the coaches) are learning what they can and can’t get away with, and then exploiting that to their benefit. They know that a bang-bang play that would bring a quick response from the regular officials (right or wrong, it was quick), is now going to take minutes for the replacement refs to decide upon (hey, free timeout!).

    It’s just going to get worse. You’re going to see more baiting and taunting of opponents in hopes of drawing retaliation flags. You’ll see more plays that will require interpretation of the officials which means five-ten minutes of refs huddled in consultation.

    This isn’t going to be pretty….

  8. Anyone who watched the MNF game, can’t say with a straight face that everythings fine…
    This issue needs to resolved now! 2 games of this non-sense is enough. The games R longer. The refs cower to the HC’s….2 time outs in a row..
    Just ain’t working!

  9. The tuck rule was called properly! That’s how the rule is written, stop acting like it was a conspiracy…..

  10. People r too judgmental even if the regular officials do return they will also blow calls, so the best thing to do is to suck it up and deal with what we have even though it’s not the best

  11. “During an appearance on KRLD in Dallas, Jones said that the officials are doing “well” when it comes to limiting violence in the game, which might come as a surprise to those who watched any of the games from Week Two that devolved into unchecked pushing and shoving after almost every whistle.”

    Maybe he’d see the referee’s incompetence more clearly if someone would wipe his glasses for him.

  12. Whe all this started I didn’t believe the replacements could be much worse than the regulars. Boy was I wrong!
    Three or four minutes of conferencing to decide most of the close calls is a drag. That plus the fights because the players know they’ll get away with it makes for a long slow game.

  13. Flags being thrown and the call is wrong! Example: Dallas @ Seattle – blatant helmet to helmet on Sean Lee..ref throws flag and penalizes a Cowboy for a personal foul that wasn’t even near the helmet to helmet hit! There’s way too many penalties missed. Encroachment shoulda been called on the Falcon that grabbed Mannings ankles sending him flat on his back. I’m not a Manning fan but good grief! The NFL needs to get the REAL REFS back before someone gets seriously hurt!

  14. What happened to coaches, players, etc. getting fined for complaining about officiating? When this is all over and done – I want to see the same level of daily, weekly micro review and complaining about the “professional” officials.

    As one other poster asked – how are the players at any more risk with these officials? I’m pretty sure when the “professional” officials were on the field H2H hits still happened, players still got carted off with injuries.

    The replacements being on the field has NO impact on player safety. The players know what the rules are. They broke them when the regular officials were there. If they choose to push their luck with the replacements – then that’s just a stupid person making a decision to do something they know they shouldn’t be doing anyway. A “professional” would take that into consideration.

  15. There is a power struggle going on in this dispute. Some need the replacements to look incompetent and some need them to look perfectly capable so they can ultimately win the argument. Truth is in the middle some where.

    Replacements doing decent job considering circumstances they have been put in. But of course not as good as the guys they replaced.

    How many would have been willing to delay the start of the NFL eason to workout the refs contracts? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  16. Ther replacement officials aren’t as good as the regular officials. The replacement players years ago were nowhere near as good as the striking players. But I’ll bet the ranch that a heck of a lot of ordinary folks could do just as good a job as team owners as some of the schmucks who have the job now. JJ is one who’d be easy to find an improvement for.

  17. Jerry Jones team got pounded 27-7 on Sunday by Seattle. At least he’s not blaming the refs. The Cowboys are bad.

  18. Roger Goodell has put lipstick on a pig. But it’s still a freakin’ pig! He insults every fan’s intelligence by saying the replacement ref’s are doing a good job. Jerry Jones and some of the other owners are puppets…with Goodell pulling their strings.
    I believe the replacements are trying their best. Unfortunately, their best isn’t good enough for NFL games. Were the regular ref’s perfect? Nope. But they were better than what’s on the field now, that’s for sure!
    Here are some of the things that bug me the most:
    #1 in an attempt to get the calls right, they are taking way too long…the games were already long enough
    #2 the ref’s throw or pick up flags based on how loud the coaches yell
    #3 the players and coaches obviously have NO respect for the replacement ref’s. That was painfully obvious in last night’s game. While it was pretty bad, things are only going to get worse… how long before there’s a brutal, bench clearing brawl?
    Rest assured, it’s only a matter of time before the replacement ref’s really do cause some team to lose a game.

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